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Cot sheets for Obaby space saver cot

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bertiebadger Tue 23-Jun-20 22:53:45

I've bought the Obaby Bantam space saver cot which takes a 100x50 mattress. It seems tricky to find sheets in this size, although eBay has some.
My question is... could I use 60x120 sheets or would these risk bring very loose?

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LouiseTrees Tue 23-Jun-20 23:25:36

They would be too loose and a SIDS risk

bertiebadger Wed 24-Jun-20 05:59:28

Thanks, good to know. It's just odd that no shops seem to sell them!

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Mumdiva99 Wed 24-Jun-20 06:11:33

There are blue, cream and pink available on amazon.

You can also get little devices to clip sheets together. I used to have them for my daughters bed as her mattress was an odd size. But they are a little fiddly...and you wouldn't want to bother with them in the middle of the night if you are changing the bed and baby is fretting....

bertiebadger Wed 24-Jun-20 06:32:22

Thanks. I'm hoping the white/grey version of these will come back in stock soon:

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bertiebadger Tue 30-Jun-20 11:43:39

@Mumdiva99 I'd be very interested in the clips you mention as I've found some beautiful Beatrix potter sheets that are too big! Could you send a link? I'll also get some cheap fitted ones for midnight sheet changes!

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Mumdiva99 Tue 30-Jun-20 12:21:14

Google or amazon search 'bed sheet suspenders'.

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