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Child driving me nuts... needs to get back to school 🙈

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Kel9 Tue 23-Jun-20 18:49:50

I have a 7 year old going on 15!!!

I need the schools to open ahhhhh 🤬

This last few weeks my little boy has turned into a devil child. He’s cheeky, refuses to do any work in relation to school.., which is fine as his school are really good and don’t push for things to be done, but not the point.

I get the kids are all a bit “confused” and in need of routine but this Satan child of mine is taking it to another level.

Tonight he’s had a massive tantrum because I wouldn’t give him money for bloody Minecraft and it’s went down hill from there. He flew into a rage, he was crying tried to walk out the house ( if only he was old enough) so I took him and walked him upstairs into his room and told him to calm down. He stayed up there and quietened down. Eventually he apologies but an hour later he’s on a chocolate high and is driving me nuts.

Honestly I feel like I need a week in the Bahamas. Fml in one hand I want to treat him but it always flys back into my stupid face.

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