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Starting creche

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BuffaloMozzerella Sun 21-Jun-20 09:48:17

My 13 month DD is due to start crèche next week for 3 days a week. She currently naps from 9.30-10.30am and then 1.30-3pm. She sleeps from 8-7 all night.

The crèche do one nap from 12-2pm. Should I start trying that at home this week before she starts? I don't know how she will keep going to 12pm - she's shattered by 9.30am 😩

The crèche said that she can have a sleep if she needs it but presumably they try and keep all the kids to their routine?

Any advice or experiment with this?

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mindutopia Sun 21-Jun-20 17:11:43

If they are a decent childcare setting, they’ll be child led and will get her to sleep when she needs to. I would honestly have reservations about anywhere who has to keep children to a ‘routine’ for their own convenience.

BuffaloMozzerella Sun 21-Jun-20 18:48:50

Thank you for that. I have no experience of what is considered normal.

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Ihaveoflate Sun 21-Jun-20 18:56:03

Agree, they should be led by her. Our nursery let the babies sleep whenever they (or their parents) want. My baby was much younger than the other babies when she started and had 3 naps to their 1.

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