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Full time Education with a over 1 year old

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MummytoaprincessXo Sat 20-Jun-20 20:58:51

So in September I’m going back to full time education (third year & LAST year of university). I’ve just taken a gap year whilst I had my daughter. However, the thought of going back to university stresses me out (I’m thinking about it in my sleep and everything). I want to finish as I’ve done two years and only have a year to go and I’ll have such a rewarding job at the end of it but the thought of being an hour away from my daughter scares me a bit (only ever been 10 mins away from her).

She’ll be with my mum whilst I’m at university but I feel like I’m going to miss out on some of her life. She will be over 1 but I don’t want to miss important milestones (she’s not walking yet).

How do people cope with full time education and leaving your babies? I know she’ll be fine, I think I could be overthinking this🤦🏼‍♀️😂

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MummytoaprincessXo Sat 20-Jun-20 20:59:56

Also, how do you find coping with the work load and having a child/children? I’m trying to do my summer work now and struggling with a baby who always wants attention (she also doesn’t like napping for long during the day and I’m exhausted by the evening)

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bunintheoven88 Sat 20-Jun-20 21:09:48

You are not alone OP, I felt exactly the same when I went back to second year of Uni after taking a year out to have my daughter. It was really hard at first I wont fib, but as soon as I was actually in my lectures I was so engrossed I didnt really think about her, plus knowing she was in good hands with the childminder put my mind at ease too.
Hope that helps a little bit OP, good luck with Uni!

bunintheoven88 Sat 20-Jun-20 21:14:11

Iv been doing work during nap time or after she is in bed, which isnt ideal but it's the only time I have at the moment. When she goes back to the childminder in 2 weeks time, i'll have two mornings to myself and it'll get done then. Can your mum help you out in the summer? If you treat a couple of days a week asthough you are still in Uni?

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