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Another baby?!

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Onemorefortheroad Sat 20-Jun-20 00:16:23

I don't know why I'm asking strangers for their opinions on this but looking for some insight...

I'm 34... have an 8 year old daughter to a previous relationship. Lasted from 2010-2014 before we split up due to a range of issues, mainly (for me) around his drinking and lack of responsibility for money etc.

Have been with my current partner 5.5 years, now living together, decent jobs, happy etc. He has 2 teenagers (17 and 19) who rarely stay with us but who visit and meet up with their dad often.

I worry about my 8 year old having no brothers or sisters. She often says she wishes she had a sister or brother. I think it's too late for her to have someone to play with but wondering if longer term she needs a sibling? I worry we are so far past that stage now.

Anyone any experience or been in similar situation?!

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fullerhouse89 Sat 20-Jun-20 05:02:53

Never too late. There's 8 years difference between myself and my youngest brother and out of all my siblings I am closest to him we have a great relationship, compared to the 15-19year differences between myself and my 3 older siblings.

Tentativesteps133 Sat 20-Jun-20 05:20:45

Do you want another baby though, for you and DP? It's not a good idea to do it just for your DD - no guarantees she would be on board or interested in the reality of the situation!

Antipodeancousin Sat 20-Jun-20 05:26:52

I would not have another baby because you want your DD to have a sibling. An age gap of nine years means they are unlikely to have much in common for another thirty years and even then there’s no guarantee a relationship will develop.

MsChatterbox Sat 20-Jun-20 05:42:33

Only have another baby if you want one.

NoRoomInBed Sat 20-Jun-20 06:15:52

There's 10 years between my eldest and youngest. She's great with him. Play with him and she wants to mother him. Have one if you want one not just for DD as it will be a while before they can do anything together.

Persipan Sat 20-Jun-20 07:59:17

I'm not really seeing anything in your question to suggest that you want to have another baby, which is really the main consideration here.

Themostwonderfultimeoftheyear Sat 20-Jun-20 08:02:39

Absolutely don't have a baby for your DD! She may feel very differently when there is a baby crying and keeping you up all night meaning less time and energy for her. Only have a baby if your and your partner dearly want one.

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