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Separation anxiety

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Heathercost Mon 15-Jun-20 14:57:17

Hi everyone.

So I am really struggling. My little girl who turns one this week has gotten really bad with separation anxiety.

I literally can’t do anything. I fidget in the chair and she crawls over to cling to me as she things I’m going to leave.

We have a stair gate on the nursery and I can see her but if I’m standing on the other side of it she will still stand up and scream. Just going to the toilet is a huge deal and I can literally see and talk to her while I pee but it’s still not good enough.

Her brother is in the room so she could play and have fun but she doesn’t. He turns two in July.

I have also just found out in pregnant and she in feb. Before this they was a dream. But this anxiety has just changed everything

Please help! I’ve tried to tel her when I leave I’ll be right back.

I have tried to just wait for her to stop and then pick her up so she knows crying doesn’t mean I will. But she literally won’t stop. I mean it was almost an hour and she didn’t give in.

I’m at a loss of what to do

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