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18month not sleeping

(4 Posts)
jenny2203 Mon 24-Sep-07 11:54:55

Help! My 18month old boy is still very unsettled at night. He very occasionally sleeps through (about 7.45 until 7) but most nights he wakes at least once, usually 2 or 3 times. We're so tired from getting up to see to him. He often goes back to sleep after a drink of water but I don't know if he's now waking up out of habit for the water. We've tried all sorts of differetn things like shortening his sleep in the day (now about 11-12.30) and swapping his meals so he eats more later in the day but nothing seems to consistently work. Any ideas????

PregnantGrrrl Mon 24-Sep-07 12:06:31

is he actually crying or distressed when he wakes? DS is 15mths and sometimes wakes once for a drink of water, then drops back off.

I stopped going into him unless he was actually properly upset, and then when i did i didn't engage him with talking or lights on, just a quick cuddle, water and back into his cot. He wakes much less frequently now, and when he does, i think he actually is thirsty TBH.

Is he getting enough fluids in the day?

jenny2203 Fri 28-Sep-07 12:17:39

It varies between proper crying and just loud murmuring. I'm fairly convinced it's just the comfort that the bottle brings that he wants as when I tried offering him his beaker (which he guzzles from in the day) he pushes it away. Over the day he has 10-20 oz of water and about 15 of milk. He used to do what your DS does: qguick drink and back to bed but in the last couple of months he's been waking again half an hour later. I'm sure he can't be thirsty again!

chloesmumtoo Fri 28-Sep-07 12:27:28

sympathies, know what its like to be woken for years. dd has eczema and disturbs everynight. Dont get me wrong she is loads better than in the past but I am on my 5th year now lol!! Things will settle I am sure in time but I would not give him a bottle for comfort. I know this may sound harsh but personally I always followed the rule of off the bottle by 12 mths old. If he likes his bottle and does find comfort in it he is going to wake wanting it. Im sure its not the only reason but start as you mean to go on, Id get rid if I was you. Goodluck

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