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Cutting down on DS having a dummy, advice?

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FATEdestiny Thu 11-Jun-20 18:22:21

He's old enough to understand that the dummy lives in his cot now.

What we did was first made the rule that while dummy can be used any time, it it does not (ever) come out of the bedroom. This has the added benefit of encouraging toddler to play independently in own room during the day. Because playing downstairs or elsewhere meant no dummy.

Then once that's established, change from dummy in bedroom only to dummy in cot only.

Rotagilla Thu 11-Jun-20 17:55:17

Cut a small hole in the teat, then when they suck on deflates.
They don't find it comforting and will give it up themselves.
Did this when my son was small and it worked well.

bingsulaflop Thu 11-Jun-20 17:07:52


I'm after some advice on cutting down on how much my DS has a dummy, he would have one all day if I let him but is being really attached to it that he constantly cries for it, knows where they're kept so goes straight for them.

He is coming up two and it's only when I've noticed he has it 24/7 that I need to do something about it, will be limited to day time nap and bed time only.

Any tips to wean him off it slowly other than the above times? He uses it for comfort I think, he is also teething the side teeth (sorry I don't know the correct name blush) and I think the dummy helps him with biting on it.. advice welcome / pearls of wisdom?? grin

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