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19 month old refusing meals

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Pickles31 Wed 10-Jun-20 17:12:43

Hi, my son has always been a good eater up until the past 3 weeks with this week being the worst. He eats breakfast fine but for some reason when we get to lunch or dinner he flat out refuses to eat the meal, yesterday I made lasagne one of his faves and he flat out refused it and started crying in his chair and then we tried him a few more times with it but he wouldn’t have any of it. I did wonder if it was teething pains but he eats toast and harder textures fine. Today I tried him with lasagne again and he’s refused it and went to sleep for 2 hours so tried again when he woke up and still he won’t have it. It’s been 7 hours since he last ate but won’t eat anything tho when I offer him toast he will eat this and the same with cereal. Is there anything wrong do u think or is he just being fussy? I’m just finding it so frustrating at the moment sad

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FATEdestiny Wed 10-Jun-20 19:45:07

I bet he's just a bit off colour.

Carry on offering your meal first. If he's not having it then give toast/ omelette/ whatever as an alternate.

BF888 Thu 11-Jun-20 01:21:25

Really recommend this lady

She’s had similar struggles with her son, she has often done posts but is very approachable via DM to ask a few questions.

Ohnoherewego62 Thu 11-Jun-20 03:48:34

It's definitely a phase they all go through. Can last weeks or months. Keep trying. No pressure and no stress reaction (as hard as it is).

Has he got new teeth coming in? Big ones are painful and come in about this time? Any developmental skills coming on?

How is he usually in himself?

porridgeface Thu 11-Jun-20 04:08:19

I've been going through this with my Aug 18 baby for the last couple of weeks too. It's so frustrating. He is teething at the minute so I think it's down to that. He never really appears hungry though despite eating a fraction of what he ate previously. I'm hoping this passes quickly!

Temple29 Thu 11-Jun-20 20:33:51

My DS is only 14 months but this happens every time he’s teething. Usually a great eater but every meal other than breakfast he is in hysterics. I just go with the flow and opt for things he’ll eat for those few days.

Bread usually goes well so I try adding peanut butter or hummus to get some protein in. Banana and yogurt works for us too and soup or something for dinner. But I wouldn’t be above giving weetabix for dinner if it’s all he can handle.

Hope it gets better for you in a few days.

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