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FTM. Help needed please

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Chicken555 Wed 10-Jun-20 10:45:48

@setsoma thank you so much. I feel so much better after the replies.

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setsoma Wed 10-Jun-20 09:11:46

1. As long as you both want to.

2. Can take a day, or can take months. Sometimes it stops and starts for a long time.

3. No need to blend or even mash anything at this age. Unless there are big round slices of carrot or something. Then maybe mash them a little, or just choo them thinner next time.

If you are feeling stressed about it, try just leaving a bit of food in front of her and leaving her to play with it. Doesn't matter if she actually eats it or not.

Chicken555 Wed 10-Jun-20 08:56:52

@snowdropFox you are amazing!! Thank you so much!!

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SnowdropFox Wed 10-Jun-20 08:41:11

1. As long as you want/have time. I'd set a 30 min limit and then stop if nothing was going in and everyone else was done. Food is fun for exploring at this stage and they should gradually be staying to eat and then dropping their milk. One day your lo will just start swallowing and and mealtimes will feel more productive!

2. It can take a while I'm afraid. Weeks and longer depending on the teeth.

3. I wouldn't bother mashing the rice. It's small soft when cooked. Not a choke hazard at that size and shape.

Chicken555 Wed 10-Jun-20 07:42:32

Would be grateful for any advice -

1. I have a 7 month old how long do I feed her for? She is so distracted during solid feeding time although it is very quiet. She rather eat the high chair seat strap :/ I try for 15 minutes then I stop. This is when more food is just coming out of her mouth. By then she only has 1 teaspoon.

2. She is teething and bottom tooth is very slightly showing. When will this fully come out? How long does it take?

3. I have been making veg soup and adding a little rice. So far I have put any soup I'm making through the blender. Will it be okay if I mash the rice up this time? Mash the whole soup?

Have no one around me to ask so would be very very grateful for any mums out that could help me.

smile thank you in advance

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