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Im a mum but I still got brians

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parent Sat 14-Sep-02 18:46:15

I go to family centre three times a week where they run free chreche . One day there was a business meeting where they wanted some of the 'mums' to come to put there input in. Most of it was financial reviews, business projects etc. What was painful was having to sit there and get everything explianed. in triplicate. I felt like saying yes i am a mum but before i was, i did a degree in Business and Finance. I felt really belittled and wanted to spew out some jargon to see their faces.

Bobbins Sat 14-Sep-02 18:56:06

Oh dear, I really wish you had!!

Bobbins Sat 14-Sep-02 19:21:12

I sometimes felt like Health Visitor, and breast feeding counsellors thought I was still in nursery school myself. I had to stay in hospital for a week after my baby was born. I could have killed one of the midwives, she kept saying, breast feeding doesn't hurt if you're doing it right. I'm sorry LAYDEE, but i think I am doing it right, if you would just leave me ALONE to get on with it. Having a suction pump (greedy little darling newborn) on my breast for almost 15 hours a day for three days, that is unfortunately not yet producing milk, and my poor nips are all raw and scabby by now...This is going to hurt whether I am doing it right or not. I am not stupid!!!

Bobbins Sat 14-Sep-02 19:26:36

And can you spare one of thse brians please parent?

Bobbins Sat 14-Sep-02 19:28:01

And can you spare one of thse brians please parent?

ks Sat 14-Sep-02 19:28:30

Message withdrawn

Bobbins Sat 14-Sep-02 19:49:50

I spoilt it by pressing send agin though didn't I ks. Proves I really do need a brian. I was distracted by Pop Rivals.

ks Sat 14-Sep-02 20:36:32

Message withdrawn

robinw Sat 14-Sep-02 22:03:23

message withdrawn

Bobbins Sat 14-Sep-02 22:13:16

ks> a gin and slonic in the post

SofiaAmes Sat 14-Sep-02 22:28:39

robinw, yeah like my consultant who tried to tell me when I complained of an unbearably itchy head (which I've never had before) that it couldn't possibly have anything to do with my pregnancy. As if I'm so dumb that I don't know that pregnancy affects your hormone levels and therefore can do all sorts of things like cause dandruff and itchy heads when you don't normally have such ailments.
Or the people who ask me if I'm able to drive while if I have two broken legs and stubs for arms that can't reach the steering wheel, instead of just a fat belly.

Bobbins Sat 14-Sep-02 22:39:28

Arse to the lot of em. I think whenever we do our womanly things, like have periods, get pregnant, look after children, because it's mysterious and uncontrolable to the dominant (male) culture, we are looked down upon. They're just jealous. Women, and especially mums, are fab.... so there & Nurrr....

WideWebWitch Sat 14-Sep-02 22:42:44

Love the title of the thread! Got Brian's what? It's nearly lost consonants...

ks Sat 14-Sep-02 22:44:39

Message withdrawn

Bobbins Sat 14-Sep-02 22:54:05

And its made me laugh immensely, (easily amused)so please don't cringe parent. I always cringe when I read back crap postings. this one was definitely worth it!

Bobbins Sat 14-Sep-02 22:55:19

whoops, not that I'm saying yours was crap...I mean whe I read MINE back

ks Sat 14-Sep-02 23:01:13

Message withdrawn

Bobbins Sat 14-Sep-02 23:03:53

stop it...I'm gonna wee myself

Willow2 Sat 14-Sep-02 23:30:36

Sofia - re itchy head trouble. Bearing in mind all the other "itchy head trouble" you've had recently are you sure it's your hormones and not the ex getting revenge???

Sorry, couldn't resist - am sure you are nit free.

Well, actually, I have no idea if you are, but I'm not suggesting you are not.

Ghosty Sun 15-Sep-02 06:37:11

Still got Brian's toothbrush?

robinw Sun 15-Sep-02 07:38:34

message withdrawn

Enid Sun 15-Sep-02 09:52:08

Please make this thread go away - dp laughed like a drain when he saw the title....

SofiaAmes Sun 15-Sep-02 20:50:54

Willow2, it was my first thought when the itchy head trouble started, but dh did a thorough check and it wasn't nits. More than my gp wanted to do though...she wouldn't even look at my head before prescribing me a dandruff shampoo. Itchy head is gone now though as i got a haircut and got rid of all the extra hair that was making my head sweat and making i
chy. Bobbins you may be threatening to wee yourself, but at 8 1/2 mo. pregnant with a 2/3 engaged baby, I am so beyond threatening...there are large puddles all over my bed.

Clarinet60 Mon 16-Sep-02 11:46:13

I hope Brian doesn't miss his.....

PamT Mon 16-Sep-02 13:13:02

I'm going to let the side down now, I think a bit of my brain left with each child that was delivered. Or maybe a bit of the brain breaks away and builds a new one for the baby - I think my problems started during pregnancy no 1 and never really improved. I can be so incredibly dense and dippy at times and it drives me mad. I've got the qualifications, I even qualified to join MENSA and I still have a reasonable amount of logic if I really try but as for day to day common sense ..... I'm just drifting!

Hope I've got my brains and my Brians the right way round too.

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