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Big brothers v little sisters

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bigbrotherlittlesister Tue 09-Jun-20 09:53:33

NC for this as I think sone family members are on MN.

I'm due to have a DD this year. We already have DS (3), who is a very affectionate little boy, although he's had his moments of hitting me during this pregnancy. Lockdown stress possibly getting to him as well, although he was doing it beforehand too. He's back to being loveable now.

I'm expecting it to be difficult initially for him to go from being the only child to a big brother, so I'd love some advice on how to help him. We've got a couple of books explaining that a baby is in mummy's tummy, and he often kisses and cuddles my bump. I'm going to get him a hello present from the baby too, and I know that I need to carve out one-to-one time for him daily after the birth.

I really hope DS and his little sister grow up to be friends and I'd like to help them do that, since I have a bit of an unequal relationship with my own older brother. I have an idea of why things are the way they are, it's not really important, but I do wish we were better friends.

I know my DC might have different characters and you can't force friendships, but if there's anything you've done that's helped your kids to get on well together, please share your experiences!

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