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After virus what future?

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Side20 Fri 05-Jun-20 13:46:05

In point of view there's two mains way outs of this mad, craziness and deadly virus.
First we all lose our mind, let the virus mess with our heads and become leaving in fear, with so much fear that if we don't die from virus disease we will find some risky, creepy situation to put our own life at risk that certainly we will die or just can't stand the waiting and we will kill selfs., because surely in our heads every one will gonna die.
Secund also so much despair should pushes us to seek life and the beauty of living just breathe enjoy live try balance

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Side20 Fri 05-Jun-20 13:50:02

Virus? Were ? In the Planet?
Or may not virus my came from out side?

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Mintjulia Fri 05-Jun-20 14:08:04

Or we could calmly social distance while track and trace does its stuff, companies adjusting to wfh wherever possible and we learn to be a bit more hygienic. Or there may be a vaccine shortly.

Not great for those who are very vulnerable but perfectly possible for the rest of us in the medium term.

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