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Anti reflux milk and diarrhoea

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bellbaeu Thu 04-Jun-20 17:13:33

Just after some advice. DD is 9 weeks old and been suffering from mild reflux since 3 weeks old.
She was on normal cow and gate so I tried her with carobel as well which seemed to help, she wasn't sick half as much as before and seemed a lot more settled after her feeds. The issue was it caused her to have diarrhoea maybe about 4 times a day.

At her 8 week check my gp prescribed gaviscon for her and told to stop the carobel, he also mentioned anti reflux milk. I didn't want to put her on that due to reading it can cause constipation in a lot of babies so I tried the gaviscon. Gaviscon didn't really do much, she was still being sick, not as much thou and still seemed unsettled after a feed.
I decided to try C&G anti reflux which I must say has been amazing, she's not sick at all, seems a lot more settled all in all a lot better. The problem is this has caused diarrhoea as well, a lot worse than the carobel. It's straight after every feed and sometimes in between feeds. Maybe 6 times a day! It's also a bright yellow colour and really really runny basically just like the milk but yellow. Sorry TMI.

Just wanting to know if anyone else has been through this and what worked for your little one.

Any advice welcome

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Muffinandcake123 Thu 04-Jun-20 17:28:01

Aw sorry to hear that! Aptamil comfort saved me. Reflux stopped.

bellbaeu Thu 04-Jun-20 17:42:12

@Muffinandcake123 was your little one sick with the reflux, did it help with that?

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