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Immunology - any advise. 14 week old

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Laylor Thu 04-Jun-20 16:52:53

Any advise if greatly appreciated. Will try and explain without going around the houses

My baby is 14 weeks old. When born he contracted an infection which they put down to being in the womb almost 40 hours after my waters broke. 5 days of antibiotics later we were discharged

4 weeks later we were admitted again for another infection. They couldnt find the source of the infection but knew his white blood count was low and was struggling to fight the infection. They took bloods and sent loads away to check for anything and everything. Another 3 days of antibiotics and we were discharged

4 days ago we woke up to him having a temp of 40.6. Took him straight to the hospital at the request of out paediatrician. They did loads of tests, blood cultures, urine cultures, blood markers, lumbar puncture and still couldnt find the source. The doctor is pretty confident his immune system hasnt matured enough to fight this and was speaking to a major childrens hospital to see if they need more blood to test his immune system. We had 3 days of antibiotics before being sent home and waiting to hear back from the childrens hospital. For the last 2 days the district nurses have been over to administer antibiotics. Baby is absolutely fantastic and you wouldnt think anything was wrong.

Just received a call from the hospital to day the childrens hospital want to see us in the next few weeks and to await a letter. He asked how we were doing and I said fine and you wouldnt think anything was wrong. The doctor said he thinks its just his immune system and nothing too serious.

The doctor could say hes 100% perfect and I'd still try and find something to worry about.

Anyone will similar experiences

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Laylor Thu 04-Jun-20 19:36:43

Hopelessly bumping sad

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