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When did your baby say mama/other words?

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Fluffballs Sat 30-May-20 18:34:25

Just curious, 13 mo dd hasn't said any words yet. I'm not worried, she's very bright in my eyes. Can do actions to songs without you showing her, blow kisses, make animal noises (not the right ones obviously, snails go roar) and lots more.
But at her 9 month review the health visitor said it would be a concern if she hasn't said mama/dada by 12 months. She's got a few months before it's a worry hasn't she?

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suziedoozy Sat 30-May-20 18:42:44

My 14 month old can say Dada, dog, duck and today tried to say the dog’s name. She also knows about half a dozen signs from her baby sign language classes - hungry, dog, gentle, dad, granny, mummy.

She is also cruising along furniture but not walking independently - I have friends whose toddlers walk much better but have little language.

I have absolutely no idea what is normal as she is my first🤷‍♀️

RandomMess Sat 30-May-20 18:44:20

My 4 were really varied but I don't think any of them had mama/daddy or anything for us as their first words 🙄

ScarfLadysBag Sat 30-May-20 18:45:07

DD was about 10//11mo when she said daddy. She's never been one for saying mummy much 🙄 She's about to turn 16mo and has about ten words now and 20-odd signs.

I posted this earlier on another thread but this is the questionnaires HV use:

ScarfLadysBag Sat 30-May-20 18:46:14

Bubble was her first real word that came out of nowhere. She was 'dadadada' ing for some time before doing it to mean 'daddy'.

haba Sat 30-May-20 18:50:15

My eldest didn't say a single word or babble until 19mo.
Then she spoke in complete sentences--and hasn't paused for breath since--.
My second said "Papa" at five months, and we were stunned because DD had been so late, but he was definitely saying it every time DH came into the room, as we had lots of fun testing him out grin

MichelleOR84 Sat 30-May-20 21:29:00

My 15 month old said mama and dada at 6 months but with no meaning . He’s gone through phases where he will talk a ton ( not a ton lol but like 5-10 words) and then say nothing for weeks 🤷‍♀️. Only recently has he been saying mama and meaning it .

Fluffballs Sat 30-May-20 22:40:57

Thanks everyone

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