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Experiences with trying to conceive after contraception

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MummyB25 Thu 28-May-20 08:49:17

Morning all, I’m trying for another baby I’ve had the implant NEXPLANON for just under three years and I’m just looking for peoples experiences I know everyone is different! I was spotting the day of removal which was Tuesday (26.05.2020) which continued yesterday to but we had sex yesterday and this morning I’ve woken up with cramps and heavier bleeding so presuming this is my period if it’s not too soon to have period 2 days after removal? The whole cycle is all so confusing after the implant not sure what’s going on 😂. Hope everyone is well and safe during this time too!

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rosydreams Thu 28-May-20 09:30:59

o yeah my periods were all over the place when i came off contraception.I waited a month or two before trying and used ovulation test kits to work out my fertile days.

Worked few months done the line i got pregnant with my second

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