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Baby’s feet are turned out

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CCW86 Wed 27-May-20 19:46:55

Hi. I was wondering if anyone else had noticed that their baby’s feet turn out quite a bit. DS is 16 weeks and his feet could literally make a straight line they turn out so much. When he lies down we can turn them forwards a bit but they naturally turn out. He sleeps on his tummy (yes I know about safe sleeping) so not sure if this has anything to do with it as his feet lie flat on the bed with toes facing outwards.

At his 6 week check up the doctor looked at hips and they was nothing wrong but it has now been ages since anyone has seen him.

Anyone else experienced this and when does it start to straighten out? He has really strong legs and can support his own weight but his feet turn out when standing. I don’t want this to affect his walking or give him hip problems later in life. Pre-lockdown I would have gone to gp to check but not so sure now

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