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AIMD Tue 26-May-20 19:56:37

Anyone else feel lonely despite having a partner and children?

I have a husband, children and I work but I still end up feeling lonely a lot of the time. I think it is something to do with the fact that the people I do have in my life aren’t very responsive to talking about emotional stuff. If I try to have an emotions based conversation with my parents or partner it’s one sided because they all are really just not connected to their emotions at all. I don’t have any close friends anymore and am not close enough to colleagues to have that sort of conversation.

So although I have a family and am around people all day none of the conversations I have are in anyway deep and it leaves me feeling I have no REAL relationships.

Anyone able to relate?!

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Whatshername20 Tue 26-May-20 22:02:02

Hey OP,

I completely relate! I'm on maternity leave with my first at the moment and the situation hasn't helped either, but I often feel like there's very little in terms of meaningful relationships. There's not many people who check in with me and I'm of the thinking that if they haven't got in touch with me, they mustn't be that bothered so I won't pester them - annoying thinking!

Partner started a new job so he's getting out and meeting people plus working all kinds of shifts and I'm left in the house feeling a bit lost. No advice really I'm afraid, just that I relate!

AIMD Wed 27-May-20 07:02:46

Glad someone feels the same.
I think maternity leave is particularly hard and must be harder with the current situation. Although theres lots of joy in being with your baby, it’s not like you can have a conversation with them is it!

I have similar thinking regarding getting in touch with people, which I do think isn’t helpful. Having said that I’ve tried a few time to connect with various people by arranging things and it’s never reciprocated so it’s gets to the point where you can’t be bothered!

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