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Mam or Dr Brown bottles?

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Midnightdream Tue 19-May-20 15:14:34

I had Dr Brown bottles with my DS. I'm pregnant again and I have no idea what bottles to get. I have got another cold steriliser, as I loved the one DS had.

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SocksForceFive Tue 19-May-20 15:32:23

We have a mix of Dr Brown and Nuk. Not tried MAM. Dr Brown are a faff with all the component parts and Nuk leak.

We did a industry review thingy (I forget the proper name) with Avent and they were brilliant. The teat seals in the lid so they don't spill and they were good for my collicky boy.

Wish I'd bought them from the start tbh.

SparkyBlue Tue 19-May-20 15:33:20

I used Avent with my first two and when Dc3 was in the nicu one of the lovely nurses advised me to try MAM as we were having issues with her feeding and she said that she thought they were excellent and surprisingly they actually made a huge difference so I'd highly recommend them.

TiggeryBear Tue 19-May-20 15:55:31

100% Mam. The self sterilizing ones are a game changer. I only needed to take one with me when I visited family as I'd wash it up & stick it in the microwave to sterilize & it was ready for the next feed. (Still needed extras on days out of course)

Bol87 Tue 19-May-20 16:30:58

We used Dr Brown with our first & loved them bar the washing up which is a bit time consuming due to all the different parts. But our daughter never had any colic or wind issues..

Decided to try MAM for DD2 as less parts! We have found them useless, we just couldn’t get them to vent. The milk was full of bubbles and my daughter had the worst colic & wind from swallowing them all. We switched to Dr Brown and she was like a different baby. Colic instantly stopped & wind much improved. The milk had no bubbles in it.

I’ve no idea why we found the MAM so bad as they get fantastic reviews. Our DD has suspected tongue tie so maybe she just couldn’t suck hard enough to get the vents open. Whereas the Dr Brown vent is always open, no effort required!

amazedmummy Tue 19-May-20 16:34:36

DS has reflux and we use MAM with him. He's never had any issues with colic. We got a decent sized set from amazon for I think £25. It was on offer so worth keeping your eyes open.

Letsallscreamatthesistene Tue 19-May-20 17:58:30

Another one here for Avent! Ive been using the Avant Anti Colic Bottles and they're really good. No leaks, good seal.

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