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Help - what should baby be wearing today?

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newmum234 Tue 19-May-20 13:07:38

It’s sunny and about 25C outside. How would you dress your newborn baby for a walk to the park in the pram? I’m guessing a sleepsuit plus one cellular blanket should be enough? Will they need a hat and cardigan or is it too warm?

Also, should I try to avoid getting any sun on baby’s face by pulling the pram hood right up? I’m so scared of burning him!

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mynameiscalypso Tue 19-May-20 13:10:39

DS was born last summer. We used to take him out in one layer plus a blanket. He's never worn a hat (even in winter) because he's a stubborn thing. I pull the hood up to stop the sun getting in his eyes mainly.

MotherofDragonsandPigs Tue 19-May-20 13:11:47

I'd just do a romper and no blanket. Keep the hood up but don't drape a blanket over to give shade.

Robs20 Tue 19-May-20 13:13:45

My twins are 3 weeks old - we went for a walk earlier and they both wore sleepsuits. No vests/ blankets/ cardis/ hats. I wondered if they were too warm but they seemed ok.

newmum234 Tue 19-May-20 13:23:51

Thanks! Also does the baby need a blanket at night in this hot weather or just a sleepsuit? He’s only 3 weeks...

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HattieMid2 Tue 19-May-20 13:26:02

Best advice I ever had was same amount of layers as you +1.

congrats on your baby ❤️

Robs20 Tue 19-May-20 13:43:59

@newmum234 depends on the temp in the room. Last night we did sleepsuit + swaddle. Might do vest + swaddle tonight if it is warmer than 21c in the room.

Letsallscreamatthesistene Tue 19-May-20 14:31:02

Ive just been for a walk with my 8 week old. He wore a vest and a muslin as a blanket. Last night we had him in a sleepsuit, a swaddle and a blanket.

As we walk we turn the pram carry cot around so his face isnt in the sun (we have a pram where it can face either way)

OnlyFoolsnMothers Tue 19-May-20 14:32:33

I would still put a blanket on at night because the temperature drops overnight.

Harrysmummy246 Tue 19-May-20 16:20:54

Depends on the baby as well. DS was/ is a hot sweaty beast and was born in JUne- no way did he need more layers than me. And rarely stays under the covers now at almost 3

Letsallscreamatthesistene Tue 19-May-20 16:37:26

Yeah ive discovered my baby defo prefers to be on the cooler side

NutterPotter Wed 20-May-20 08:19:18

Regarding night time we stick to this x x

newmum234 Wed 20-May-20 14:15:16

Thanks - so it sounds like he should be wearing a vest rather than a sleepsuit!

What about during the day - he’s currently in a sleepsuit but is that too much? Should I switch him to a vest only?

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weepingwillow22 Wed 20-May-20 14:18:55

My 6 month old is wearing a sleeveless vest and cotton short dungarees when we go out. At home he prefers being naked though 😀

Robs20 Wed 20-May-20 14:52:12

@newmum234 mine have been just in a nappy at home today. We went for a walk and they both wore short sleeved vests. Hope that helps!

Bert2e Wed 20-May-20 14:56:54

Babies need one more layer than you unless you are only wearing clothing for modesty purposes! today I'd be fine naked so baby only needs one layer.

Letsallscreamatthesistene Wed 20-May-20 15:31:27

My son is wearing what can be described as a sleeveless sleepsuit today, except its made from a really light material.

ShowOfHands Wed 20-May-20 15:46:32

All babies are different so you need to feel your baby's torso to gauge how warm they are. My DS ran really hot but DD felt the cold easily. Remember, cooler is always better than too warm, check often and you'll get used to your baby's normal.

Pinkflipflop85 Wed 20-May-20 15:47:28

My dd would actually melt if I put her in a sleep suit today.

newmum234 Wed 20-May-20 16:58:21

It’s sweltering this afternoon so I’ve now got him in just a nappy! No idea if I’m doing the right thing or not. This is so stressful.

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Harrysmummy246 Wed 20-May-20 17:02:24

They actually tend to be slightly cooler with a vest on to wick sweat away as I understand it

OnlyFoolsnMothers Wed 20-May-20 17:05:02

Please don’t worry OP- your baby will cry if cold. Also just feel them, are they sweaty, Cold etc.

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