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Help needed! Losing the dummy!

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LJayne92 Sun 17-May-20 19:56:35

My daughter is almost 3 and we decided to drop the dummy cold turkey. (Really wishing we hadn’t chosen this method now!) We are 3 days in and really struggling as she will not nap during the day and is staying awake really late at night, really distressed. During the day she’s only asked for it a handful of times. Family and friends have all advised not to give in as we will only have to go through this again at a later date but I’m just wishing that I had reduced it to nap times first. The last thing I want is to distress her, especially during this lockdown! I’m currently working from home and full of mum guilt trying to juggle everything, I get most of my work done whilst she is asleep which is why I really don’t want to lose the nap. She normally sleeps for 1- 2 hours during the day and 10-12 hours at night. So the question is do I give the dummy back for sleeps? Or persevere? Any advice welcome please.

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SnowdropFox Sun 17-May-20 20:05:57

After 3 days I'd keep going. Might be hell but you've come so far! Have you given her something to replace it, like a comfort blanket or cuddley toy just for bedtime? Might help.
I'd reassess after a few more days, hopefully someone else can give some more tips!

MyGirlDaisy Sun 17-May-20 20:10:20

Do you feel under pressure from others to drop the dummy? I have two, now adult, children. Child 1 had a dummy, which I think they gave up at between 3 & 4, wouldn’t let him speak with it in etc but he did have it for sleeping and we came to an agreement that we would swap it for a little wooden train he had his eye on! Child 2 wouldn’t take a dummy but loved his thumb, has had extensive orthodontic work to rectify years of thumb sucking. I did feel under pressure from some people to remove the dummy from child 1 but he did it when he was ready.
With everything going on at the moment I would give it back for naps and revisit in a few months, it’s what works for you and your situation, do t put pressure on yourself at the moment if you don’t have to.

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