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Help - My 1 year old wont eat anything!

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Rosebyanothername19 Sat 16-May-20 17:33:04

My, just turned, 1 year old has stopped eating. She wont eat finger food or puree type foods. We have tried her with everything, both familiar and new. Even things she used to love are getting rejected. She has maybe one bite or picks things up puts them to her mouth then just drops them, unless we give her vegi crisps which she will eat in abundance!

She eats with us and has the same as us and I have tried giving her food off my plate to see if she just wants to join in more with us but nothing is working. She just cries in her high chair and flings herself about until I give in and give her a crisp.

I have no idea what else I can try. It's been going on for 2 weeks!

Does anyone have any advice??

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