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7 week with green poos

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Snowpaw Sat 16-May-20 07:16:32

I remember reading somewhere, when my own baby was going through something similar, the poo colours to worry about are black, red and white. Most other colours are in the normal range!

cosymama Sat 16-May-20 05:30:35

Thank you so much everyone, I'm really reassured by all your comments smile having a newborn at this time is mad enough, it's so nice to have the support from internet mums!

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Rubyroost Fri 15-May-20 23:28:58

Yes I had this with my present toddler for about two weeks and then a bit later on another week or so. I think it's when you have a bit if an oversupply and milk is a bit watery. Think baby can get a bit windy too, loads of people tried telling me my baby had lactose intolerance, but go said on its own its fine, and it was

HelloRose Fri 15-May-20 22:44:27

My ds had this for months. HV & GP weren't concerned. It can look quite shocking but don't worry about it (unless other symptoms too). I wondered if ds had a dairy allergy but since we started weaning he's been absolutely fine. Also tried feeding twice on one boob etc but didnt make a difference. Eventually it just stopped.

jmacat86 Fri 15-May-20 15:58:51

Depends what you’re eating as well, if you’ve got quite a veg rich diet (broccoli, spinach etc) that can turn poo green too. Shocked me the first time then I realised it was the spinach pancakes I’d been eating obsessively!

Guttersnipe Fri 15-May-20 12:22:32

I remember at least 2 of mine having green poo, quite frequently too. All adults now. No health issues, no allergies etc. Stay alert (!) But if baby seems fine otherwise, try not to worry about it.

TeddyIsaHe Fri 15-May-20 12:20:34

Well no, that was bad wording. I mean until it isn’t rock hard and full with milk. You can tell when a breast is ‘empty’ compared to one that hasn’t been fed from for a couple of hours.

SoupDragon Fri 15-May-20 12:06:46

until it is completely drained.

A breast is never completely drained though.

TeddyIsaHe Fri 15-May-20 12:04:58

Green poo can be a sign of too much foremilk. Instead of switching sides when baby seems done, put her back on the original breast until it is completely drained. And then is she still wants more pop onto the other breast. You should notice a difference quite quickly.

Kelly Mom website is a great resource for breastfeeding!

BikeRunSki Fri 15-May-20 12:01:21

Normal! Don’t panic!

SoupDragon Fri 15-May-20 12:00:52

Sometimes their poo is green. It's as simple as that smile

cosymama Fri 15-May-20 11:59:00

I am ebf my 7 week old who is happy, smiling, eating well and weeing well.

I have a slight concern as I'd say 70% of her poos in the last week have been green.

I have spoken to the HV who advised the GP. Spoke to the GP over the phone who said that if green poo is the only 'symptom' it's nothing to worry about (as in infection) as she'd be showing other signs of distress, which she is definitely not.

I'm wondering if perhaps it's an intolerance but her skin is fine and I know what's where it usually shows if there is an intolerance.

Any other parents out there had this with their baby?

Thanks smile

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