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Practical baby book

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Mybobowler Wed 13-May-20 14:46:46

Your Baby Week by Week is a brilliant book. It's like a how-to for babies. Really easy to read, no ideology or parenting style to promote, and it's the closest thing to a baby instruction manual I ever found!

GrumpyHoonMain Wed 13-May-20 14:22:57

The positive guides to childbirth and breastfeeding were the most useful I found - full of practical suggestions from real mums and none of the woo in other books.

JiltedJohnsJulie Wed 13-May-20 14:18:32

I can't recommend the Baby Book enough smile

MrsLully Wed 13-May-20 11:27:39

The blissful baby expert. It was a couple of quid on Amazon and stumbled on it by chance. It ended up being the BEST baby book I ever read for the first few months of baby's life.

Amichelle84 Wed 13-May-20 11:10:47

Thank you all, I'll check them out

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ReallyRatherBlonde Wed 13-May-20 10:33:59

I found How to Enjoy Year One by Rachel Waddilove really helpful. Practical and a common sense approach

Letsallscreamatthesistene Wed 13-May-20 10:27:09

I love Baby and Child by Penelope Leach. It has a really practical outlook, not wishy washy at all.

Fivebyfive2 Wed 13-May-20 08:09:52

First time parent by Lucy atkins, it's very practical and straightforward, but has a friendly tone. We got it while I was pregnant and ds is 5 months now, we still keep it to hand 😀

Pantheon Wed 13-May-20 08:09:35

What to expect the first year is pretty comprehensive. You might be able to see a preview of it online.

Amichelle84 Wed 13-May-20 06:29:47

Could anyone recommend a book to a FTM with advice on the practical side of parenting?

Looking for a bit of a go to guide I suppose, babies bath should be blah blah warm, car seats should face the back, babies bottles should be blah blah warm, baby should sleep on back, baby shouldnt be in a car seat for longer than blah blah hours etc


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