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Nipple Shields

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Chlandy Sun 10-May-20 14:08:19

Hello, I'm almost 30 weeks with my 2nd baby. I'm absolutely set on breastfeeding this time, I really really want to do it. I managed 5 days last time and gave up due to poor latch and incredibly painful nipples! I really want to give it my all this time and get it right and get through any initial pain! I was thinking about getting some nipple shields as I never tried these last time, just in case! Can anyone recommend any please, also if you use them, does that mean you have to use them forever or is it easy to wean off the shields and directly on to the breast? Any hints and tips greatly appreciated! I was meant to be going on a breastfeeding course which has now been cancelled and worried I won't be able to stay in hospital for the lactation specialist which I initially requested, due to the situation with covid19. Thank you xx

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LouiseTrees Sun 10-May-20 14:11:37

Lanisoh nipple shields. You can buy from boots. I never weaned of the shields as my LO was born small and nipple shields were the way to latch well and by the time her size caught up to her age I just didn’t want to but my health visitor did say it was possible to stop using them and also said there’s no harm to continuing to use them. There are still online breastfeeding courses happening like at la leche league etc.

Lancs84 Sun 10-May-20 14:12:55

Hiya! I am also 30 weeks with my second. I bought medela nipple shields last time but not until we were home. They helped me get through a difficult period where I had double severe mastitis and cracked nipples. I only fed for a few weeks as my daughter never really got the hang of latching but definitely worth getting the nipple shields. I just checked online and John Lewis have them in stock! Also was recommended getting some lansinoh compresses (also on John Lewis atm) - you can keep in freezer or put in microwave and they are apparently great at stimulating milk pre feed and soothing sore boobs. It might be worth seeing if you can do a breastfeeding session online - I think places like Daisy birthing are offering them. Also look up La Leche League in your area, mine has qualified lactation consultants who give advice over phone and were invaluable to me last time.

Best of luck!! X

Coronacantcope Sun 10-May-20 14:21:00

I use Medela, my circumstances were a bit different but they were given to me by the speech and language therapist in NICU when my baby was struggling to latch after being weaned off tube feeding at 2 weeks old. The salt said I have exceptionally flat nipples!

I had no success trying to wean, I gave up trying at about 6 months, and have found them a bit of a faff, but it's meant I've been able to ebf for a full year now, which is what I really wanted. You might have more success weaning off them if you are using them for pain relief rather than nipple shape!

keeponrunning85 Sun 10-May-20 14:32:28

I used nipple shields until DD was 9 weeks. I had a set of lansinoh ones which a friend hadn't used and had given to me before I gave birth. I tried a couple of other brands as well but I always preferred the lansinoh ones. I preference is probably quite personal to be honest.

I think it is helpful to have a pair ready just in case as it was a Sunday when DD was 5 days d when I started using them and I don't think I would have felt up to going to a shop to get them myself so DH would have had to. You'll probably just have to take a bit of a punt on which ones you think you'll get on best with.

By the time DD was 9 weeks, gaining weight well and my nipples had recovered I was mentally in a better place for really persevering with getting the latch right and although my nipples did crack a bit again it was nowhere near as bad. We went for a cold turkey approach in the end as the removing them part way through the feed just seemed to confuse her.

DD had quite a small mouth so I found using the flipple technique helpful for getting a good latch and she was also quite lazy so used switch feeding. They might both be things to have a look at in advance. YouTube is good for the flipple.

Are there any breastfeeding support workers where you live? There are in my area and I found them very helpful.

Twigletmama Sun 10-May-20 14:41:11

I used medela nipple shields with both of my children and found them a huge help. In both cases, my babies knocked them off after a few weeks and started feeding without. I fed my eldest until 13 months and my second until 18 months. Breastfeeding experts don't tend to like nipple shields but without using them I don't think I would have been able to breast feed. I'd definitely recommend giving them ago if you're struggling.

Chlandy Mon 11-May-20 09:33:22

Thanks all, that's really helpful! I'll definitely get some so I've got some should I feel the need to try! I didn't realise you could do it online so I'll have a look into that too thank you and ask my midwife what support is available with the current covid situation smile. Thank you xxx

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