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22 month old wants dummy all the time

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123Dancewithme Sun 10-May-20 01:05:00

My 22 month old DS was only having his dummy at night or to help calm him down when upset, but since we have been in lockdown he is wanting it all the time and probably has it for the majority of the day now.

I’m concerned it’s affecting his speech and would like to wean him off it, but DH thinks we should wait until things are back to ‘normal’. Nobody knows when that will be though, so not sure what’s for the best!

Any ideas for weaning him off the dummy when the time is right? Should we go cold turkey or is it better to do it gradually?


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ParkheadParadise Sun 10-May-20 01:13:54

Dd1 was 3 before we could get rid of her dummy. She always needed to have 2 at the same time 1 for her mouth and 1 to rub her cheek with.
We told her the dummy fairy needed her dummies for all the new babies. At first she was upset but after a few nights she forgot about them. That was until a year later she found 1 in her toy box it was a bloody nightmare trying to get it off her😀

NuffSaidSam Sun 10-May-20 01:16:25

I wouldn't take it altogether, but it would be bedtime only for me.

It will effect his speech and his teeth if he's having it all day. And you know he doesn't need it, it's just habit.

Colouringinbook Sun 10-May-20 08:26:26

We only do dummies for sleep time here. You'll probably have a few days of upset but it's worth it in the long term.

Selfsettling3 Sun 10-May-20 10:19:19

Definitely needs to be only for sleep time at the least

babesinthehood Tue 12-May-20 17:42:38

My 22 month is the exact same OP!

We actually thought we'd try and use the lockdown to wean her off at first - yeah that's not happening!

It's so hard not to give in especially as DH and I are both trying to work from home while keeping her entertained so we try and keep her as happy as possible - especially if one of us is in a zoom call in the next room!

Glad to hear we're not the only ones. Def gonna try and keep it out of sight during the day from now on. Fingers crossed!

123Dancewithme Tue 12-May-20 19:48:59

@babesinthehood Good luck! We’ve been trying to keep it for bedtime and nap time only over the last few days. It’s hard because he keeps asking for it when he’s upset and needs comforting. I’ve been trying other comfort objects like cuddly toys but they’re not really having the same effect! He had a screaming meltdown after we took it off him again after his nap today shock

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