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18 month jabs ?!?!

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newchanges Fri 08-May-20 19:44:17

Just been told by a family member my daughter should of had jabs at 18 months? She's 21 months now but is that cause of lockdown why I haven't been sent anything, etc? I didn't even realise till I thought about it today!

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ScarfLadysBag Fri 08-May-20 19:47:01

No. MMR is at 1, and the next aren't until after they turn 3.

DiploCat1 Fri 08-May-20 19:47:46

If you are in the UK, there aren't any jabs at 18 months. There are some at 12 months. And then 3 years and 4 months.

gothicsprout Fri 08-May-20 19:50:00

Some places may give you the 2nd dose of MMR early at 18 months, rather than waiting until 3y4m for the preschool booster, particularly if there are known cases of measles circulating.

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