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Periods after giving birth!

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fustratedflo Fri 08-May-20 13:30:06

I gave birth 5th March. Had unprotected sex 4 weeks after giving birth. Had my first period 5 weeks after giving birth. Since that, been using protection (condoms only, I wanted the implant but because of coronavirus my go won't do this yet) It's been 30 days now since my first period post birth and I'm yet to have my second period.

Were your period regular straight away after having your baby?

In this scenario, is it likely I am pregnant? I'm not bf.

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TheHighestSardine Fri 08-May-20 13:34:45

I was at school with kids who were 10 months apart in birthdays. Get a test!

TheHighestSardine Fri 08-May-20 13:36:01

Congrats on the little one, and well done on being able to have sex at four weeks smile

wintertime6 Fri 08-May-20 13:39:42

I had my first period around 3 months after giving birth and then about 6 weeks later I realised I hadn't had another one and just put it down to them being irregular after giving birth. It was only a couple of days later that it suddenly dawned on me that I could be pregnant, did a test and I was!

happymummy12345 Fri 08-May-20 14:20:33

I had post birth bleeding for 3 weeks, then got my first proper period the month after I gave birth. Then I was back on the combined pill from my 6 week check as I wasn't breastfeeding at all, so obviously after that I had withdrawal bleeds instead of proper periods.
So no personal experience but I'd say get a test to be sure

BarbiesWorld Fri 08-May-20 15:07:05

Definitely do a test! On an aside, how long does it usually take for people's periods to return after birth? I can't remember with my first and this time I'm 3 months in without a sign..

fustratedflo Fri 08-May-20 15:14:07

I shall pick up a test to take tomorrow then!

@barbieseworld my first period was 5 weeks. Think it's around 5/6 weeks but it depends if your bf or notsmileif you're bf, your first period will take longer to come

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fustratedflo Fri 08-May-20 15:14:47

@barbiesworld ^spelt your us

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fustratedflo Fri 08-May-20 15:15:39

Username wrong! Gosh, what is wrong with me!

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NutterPotter Fri 08-May-20 18:08:50

My first few periods after giving birth were all over the place took a few months but am finally becoming regular again, but would still advise to test x x x

Effsee Sun 10-May-20 22:18:42

I don't know if this will be helpful to you, but I got my first one after birth at 5 weeks (I had 1 week of freedom after the post birth bleeding etc). Had our 6 week checkup and immediately went onto the combine pill. They've been regular since taking the pill and went back to normal (aside from being a little heavier than before pregnancy). The pill helped my periods go back to normal, and my body has always responded well to the pill.
Hope things go back to normal for you quickly, the first 6 weeks after birth I felt so shit about my body and couldn't wait to have some form of normality back.

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