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Please tell me I am not the only parent to let my sons wear tights...

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TiramisuTartsandPiesInOrbit Mon 17-Sep-07 23:31:29


Am I?
It is getting cold. I always put tights (navy) on my sons under their trousers in winter. I think I am the only one.

Do children need tights in addition to trousers when it is freezing cold in winter?

I think they do.

MaryBleedinPoppins Mon 17-Sep-07 23:33:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Monkeytrousers Mon 17-Sep-07 23:34:21

How about calling them long johns instead?

TiramisuTartsandPiesInOrbit Mon 17-Sep-07 23:40:09

Long Johns, eh? Like, without feet? And socks on top?

That is more "manly" isnt it?

Monkeytrousers Mon 17-Sep-07 23:42:02

I am sure they don't discrinimate in arctic regions - but here they are still a bit soft and southern obvioulsy.

Long johns and socks is a good compromise grin

Tortington Mon 17-Sep-07 23:45:00

i did for the babies 'cos tey pull socks off.

pfor a school age child i would assume that one would open their child to all sorts of ridicule.

TiramisuTartsandPiesInOrbit Mon 17-Sep-07 23:46:20

Oh believe me if I take them to arctic regions they would wear wool knit trousers between the tights (long johns) and the "external" trousers! I am really scared of the cold.

SleeplessInTheStaceym11House Mon 17-Sep-07 23:49:30

i did with my ds as a baby same as i did with dd, wouldnt now tho even though hes only 10mo! then again i dont put socks or shoes on him even now its getting colder! shock

PeachesMcLean Mon 17-Sep-07 23:51:03

Keep your kidneys warm and you'll be fine wink

In other words, your legs will be fine if you've got a decent coat. And shoes. It's not THAT cold.

Califrau Mon 17-Sep-07 23:51:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MaryBleedinPoppins Mon 17-Sep-07 23:54:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Monkeytrousers Mon 17-Sep-07 23:55:53

Okay here in Gateshead

mylittlefreya Tue 18-Sep-07 06:56:15

If your feet are cold put a hat on.

How old are they? Maybe not school age, but littlies, I think it is sensible.

Piggy Tue 18-Sep-07 07:27:30

When it's really really cold (below freezing) I put the dses in tights (from Gap with a teddy bear on the bottom - as if that makes a difference!) but they are toddlers. I wouldn't do it after about 3 though. A vest and thick socks will do the trick.

Threadworm Tue 18-Sep-07 07:30:33

I wouldn't bother. At school age they would be teased. Also, my DSs seem to have little furnaces inside. They can run around in a t-shirt when I am muffled up, and I have to work v hard to get them to countenance coats on even the coldest days.

InMyHumbleOpinion Tue 18-Sep-07 07:32:00

I am a big fan of tights, but not on boys over 3. Other children will tease him.

tigerschick Tue 18-Sep-07 07:38:43

My nieghbour's ds wears tights under his riding trousers in cold weather, as do a lot of the other men/boys who ride through the winter.
But in normal circumstances I totally agree that it is not necessary - socks and thick tousers should be fine.

tigerschick Tue 18-Sep-07 07:39:57

Sorry - typing fingers not yet woken up properly hmm
trousers and neighbour

CorrieDale Tue 18-Sep-07 07:50:19

I did it with DS for his first, very cold, winter. It was very cold and he wasn't gaining weight. I'd have done it last year too - and if necessary, will do it this year. If he lets me grin.

potoroo Tue 18-Sep-07 08:12:09

I decided to put tights on DS last winter and will do so this winter - but he is only 2.

Budababe Tue 18-Sep-07 08:19:30

I did when DS was a baby and we were living in Bulgaria and it was -10 and then only if we were out and about for a long time.

Wouldn't imagine anywhere in UK cold enough to warrant it in September!

firsttimemama Tue 18-Sep-07 08:23:31

Footballers wear tights these days -so if he likes them to keep warm let him wear them.

Bluestocking Tue 18-Sep-07 08:26:16

I used to put my DS in tights when he was a baby. I don't know if I'd do it now - I suppose if we were going to be outside for a longish time on a very cold day I might. It seems to be a purely cultural thing to worry about this though, I know German boys wear tights, and don't skiers wear them too?

OrmIrian Tue 18-Sep-07 08:31:31


How old is the poor boy grin

I think you might be the only one tiramisu...

OrmIrian Tue 18-Sep-07 08:32:48

I might add that my DD doesn't either.

Warm socks, good shoes and plenty of layers on the top half.

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