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Would you let your child sit on the sofa with a naked bottom?

(53 Posts)
sleepycat Mon 17-Sep-07 15:36:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Tortington Mon 17-Sep-07 15:37:05

naked hippies rule - yuour friend is a freak

gess Mon 17-Sep-07 15:37:11

Your friend is insane.

Tottie32 Mon 17-Sep-07 15:37:51

naked all the way here

mrsflowerpot Mon 17-Sep-07 15:38:32

your friend is a nutter. naked children the norm here too.

with obvious caveat that they must be reliable bottom-wipers.

lucy5 Mon 17-Sep-07 15:38:47

I'm a naked hippie too!

Blandmum Mon 17-Sep-07 15:39:40

As long as they are potty trained and wil not crap of the furnature, no worries

Carmenere Mon 17-Sep-07 15:39:51

Just thank heaven that you are laid back enough to realise that this is more than a little uptight and that you are not passing neuroses on to your dc's.
That said my dd has not quite got the hang of the toilet paper just yet so I'm not encouraging naked sofa sitting just atmwink

Piggy Mon 17-Sep-07 15:39:54

Both of my dses have wee'd on the sofa. A quick wipe of the sofa (and the bottom) and it's all fine.

How did your friend do potty training? Surely you get wee and poo everywhere when you are potty training?

Blandmum Mon 17-Sep-07 15:40:35

(as an aside both of mine did crap on the carpet, sofa is still OK grin)

Amethyst8 Mon 17-Sep-07 15:41:33

Naked kids wherever they want to be in our house. Your friend sounds nuts. Does she have kids of her own?

Nip Mon 17-Sep-07 15:45:02

naked hippies all the way here too!!!

Boco Mon 17-Sep-07 15:46:35

Maybe your friend has a dribbly bottom and assumes everyone else is the same.

TigerFeet Mon 17-Sep-07 15:47:15

dd is still prone to leaving skidmarks... all I have to do is make sure her bum is clean and off she goes

She prefers to be naked, she strips off as soon as we get home in the evening and most mornings I find her in bed with pyjamas removed.

Your friend is a weirdy fraek (no offence, but ykwim)

friendlyedjit Mon 17-Sep-07 15:48:47

oh each to their own! we're all covered in germs... with or without clothing.
Mine often forget their pants ( youngest two)
leave them in the bathroom and wander around naked, and I don't tend to bat an eyelid. If you can't sit on the couch with a bare bum when your little when can you!!

Desiderata Mon 17-Sep-07 15:54:05

Yep. DS has just removed his clothing for no intelligent reason and is bare-arsing on the settee as we speak.

<she sounds like a total ponce. I'd put a shit-smeared wetwipe in her handbag on the way out ...>

sleepycat Mon 17-Sep-07 15:57:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

fawkeoff Mon 17-Sep-07 15:58:05

your friend has deffo got underlying issues

crossma Mon 17-Sep-07 15:59:52

I would say your frield definately needs to loosen up.

Quootiepie Mon 17-Sep-07 16:01:47

OMG, weirdo. That's why god invented leather grin

Chickhick Mon 17-Sep-07 16:03:31

Your friend has issues!

Overrun Mon 17-Sep-07 16:06:43

I'm with the majority here, your friend is a bit obsessive about cleanliness, and tbh could end up passing that on to dcs
Mine all spend a lot of time with no clothes in in the house, esp in the warmer months. I just see it as one of the perks of being a child grin

bubblagirl Mon 17-Sep-07 16:07:44

i always let my ds sit on sofa naked ere potty training so never has bottoms or nappy on i'm not going to make him sit on the floor i sit on it naked sometimes too lol

she wants to see what else happens on our sofa lol more tea!!!!

blousy Mon 17-Sep-07 16:24:10

Your friend sounds a bit anal! My dc's always muck about in the noddy, it would never occur to me to even think about bottom germs on the sofas!
My naked bottomed dog is curled up next to me on the sofa now - your friend would have an attack of the vapours!

Othersideofthechannel Mon 17-Sep-07 16:31:01

yes, DD likes to take off her trousers and sometimes knickers.

Stayed with my brother this summer and SIL said to my DD on the first day 'You've got no underwear on and you're sitting on the sofa but it's ok because you've just had a bath' which made it clear to me she didn't appreciate when the bottom wasn't squeaky clean

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