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Fussy 16month old, used to eat everything

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HiDuggee Sun 03-May-20 16:48:56

As the title says really. My 16 mo DS used to have blueberries and raspberries every day, would eat broccoli, peas , sweetcorn.
Suddenly he's changed his mind and just throws it on the floor. It's stressful but I'm trying not to react.
Tonight I made potato bake, cheese risotto and veggie sausages. I gave DS some of each. Sausage straight on the floor, and wouldn't even have a lick of the others. So he didn't try any of it just refused it. (Also refused omelette at lunch so he had crackers with cheese spread instead as I knew he would eat that)

I haven't made him anything else tonight because I'm not sure whether I should be making alternatives or whether that will make it worse? The last 2 nights we've had the same issue and I end up offering him some yoghurt later just before bed (though last night he can't have been hungry cos he didn't even eat that)
What shall I do? Keep offering variety, or just give what he will eat every night even if it's the same stuff all the time? Bit of both?If he doesn't eat/try anything shall I make him something else? Tell me this will pass, he used to try everything gin

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LeGrandBleu Mon 04-May-20 02:22:07

Don't make alternatives.
Don't offer alternatives.
Sit with him at lunch and dinner time, each of you with your lunch nd eat together. If what you have is suitable (not spicy, not very hard) for your DS, offer some of your plate or serve each of you the same thing
If he knows something will magically appear when he isn't attracted to a food, he will continue doing this.
Persevere with your healthy and homemade food, and if giving in to alternative, don't go for sweet (fruit, yoghurt, ...) and be also careful with which crackers and which cheese, some such as Edam have a sweet and mild taste, whereas parmesan or provolone have a stronger flavour.

Make sure he doesn't have ANYTHING to eat or drink except water in the 2 hours window before dinner. He needs to feels the hunger and if there is fruit juice, a piece of bread, a carrot, or even only a single grape in the stomach, the nerves don't send the signal to the brain.

Sit together, share the same meal, stay calm and don't open the cupboard for alternatives. You would be digging yourself a very ugly hole

SpacePug Mon 04-May-20 12:10:13

Thanks for thorough reply. I'll take your advice on board, i just didn't know whether he got the concept of either eating that or you have nothing but there's gotta be a line, I don't want to pander to him to cause him to never try these things. When you said about the crackers and cheese. He's had both mild an stronger type cheese (mature cheddar) do you think I should stick to the milk cheese? I don't even know if he'd put it in his mouth to taste right now that's how bad he's got 😡 cheese spread sandwich at lunch today he had a little chew of then spat out. But he ate all the potato alphabet shapes 🙄
Will stick at it and hope it's just a short phase

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