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shoe shopping phobic ds. What to do?

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pooka Thu 13-Sep-07 13:57:08

DS is 2 and ever since he first had shoes fitted he goes completely bonkers when he needs new shoes. Fortunately, his feet haven't grwon much lately, but I know that he really does need some new ones and soon.
Does anyone else have children who go ballistic at the sight of a shoe shop?
If so, are there any coping recommendations that you have, that might make the experience less traumatic. Even having dd with us, happily having her feet measured and trying on shoes doesn't seem to influence him at all.
Have tried giving snack to him, pinning him down and so on. Just worry that as a result of his complete refusal to walk in new shoes when trying them on, that he's prob getting a rubbish fit!

pooka Thu 13-Sep-07 13:58:24

So sorry - of course I'm not sure that this is a true phobia so perhaps that is too strong a word. He really really doesn't like it though.
Didn't want to seem to be belittling others who have genuine phobias.

TooTicky Thu 13-Sep-07 13:59:55

My ds2 used to be like this. I remember buying, in desperation, some Bob the Builder canvas shoes off the peg when he was about 2. Had to guess a bit on size but they tided him over until he got over his fear.

littlelapin Thu 13-Sep-07 14:00:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

policywonk Thu 13-Sep-07 14:03:30

Sympathy - my older son was like this at that age (he's four now and doesn't mind shoe shops at all now, thank the Lord). There were two things I used to reasonable effect: bribery ('If you let the lady measure your feet without making a fuss, you can have ...' (insert favourite piece of junk/trip to Macdonalds shock)), and a machine they have at some branches of Brantano and Clarks. The kid just stands on a platform and the machine measures their feet in some weirdy witchcraft fashion and spits out the result without any ladies having to touch them at all.

pooka Thu 13-Sep-07 14:14:07

Thanks for the responses! Wasn't really expecting magic remedies, but very helpful.

LL - I think I've just bought so fully into "feet must be professionally measured" line that am terrified about ruining his feet. Doesnt help that he is massively wide in the foot. DD in comparison loves shoes, and is massively narrow.

Will print off the sheet and give it a go I think. He lives in his digger doodles, and think that will just have more doodles for the autumn - easy to get on and hopefully a bit less constricting than more solid shoes.

Bribery doesn't seem to work with him yet - is very stubborn (but lovely).

littlelapin Thu 13-Sep-07 14:21:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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