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Five week old with baaaaad wind

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Annie75 Thu 13-Sep-07 10:51:37

She's had it pretty much since her second week. It seems to cause her lots of pain - in fact, sometimes she seems to be in complete agony which is heartbreaking to watch. It's mostly in the evenings, and I hear a steady stream of farts in the early hours of the morning, which seems to give her some relief.

Have tried Infacol and no joy. She's exclusively breastfed and is a really greedy feeder. Nappies regular and good colour (can't believe I'm saying that!) and I wind her after each feed. I did wonder if it was the antibiotics she was on after birth, or whether it's something she's allergic to in my milk.

Any ideas of what I can do to help?

Vinegar Thu 13-Sep-07 11:04:54

My dd had very bad wind from the day she was born. I really was at my wits end. The doctors and health visitor said it was colic - but she was gassy the whole day and was always crying. After her feeds she would arch back in agony. Nothing really worked(it was a very hard time), she just improved as she grew older. The first six months were a nightmare and she was pretty bad till she was one year old. She is 4 now and still has a "sensitive stomach", though a 100% better than what she used to be.
I don't know if your dd is this extreme, many babies have colic and then it goes around 4-5 months.

laundrylover Thu 13-Sep-07 11:22:59


You might get more responses posting this under 'breast and bottle feeding'. Also do a search in that topic as there are lots of threads on this!

Baically, some babies just are very windy but it won't last forevergrin. DD1 was awful in the evenings for a couple of months but it did pass, if you'll pardon the pun!!

Don't worry about your milk and antibiotics, you're doing a great job so keep it upsmile

Again Thu 13-Sep-07 12:42:17

I find it helps to wind a couple of times during the feed as well and burping him upright for 30 minutes after feed. I think the fact that mine is a guzzler, means that he's taking it in too quickly!

I went to a cranial osteopath. Didn't find that it really worked though. He is now 11 weeks and has much much less pain. I know exactly how you feel, because I used to be so upset to see him in so much pain. My mil said 'it's life!', which I didn't find helpful!

lailasmum Thu 13-Sep-07 12:45:58

I would say get yourself to a baby massage class or find a book on it. My daughter was really windy and that was the only thing that really helped bring it up and sort it out quickly and it helped relax her too.

FMJJAJ Thu 13-Sep-07 13:24:32

I have a little 15 week old boy who has suffered from wind (burps and farts) since birth. I thought I had cracked it using Infacol, gripe water and baby massage. After a dreamfeed at 10.30pm (formula) he was sleeping through till 7. I breastfeed for remaining feeds. For the past 2 weeks he is waking early hours... sometimes he settles himself but can take up to an hour or so, otherwise he can't and I feed him for 5 mins or so and lots of farts and burps come out. I know it is not hunger as I keep getting told by my health visitor as he is not interested in his early morning feed if fed in night.

Anybody have any advice on this matter? hmm

Annie75 Thu 13-Sep-07 18:03:05

Thanks for your replies - and support. I'll post on bf thread too. Glad to know that it's passed with all of yours. Just horrible to see them writhing in pain, isn't it?

Annie75 Thu 13-Sep-07 18:05:08

FMJJAJ - good luck with answers for your boy, too. A book I have said that as many as 25% of babies could be lactose intolerant - if you've tried everything else, might be worth investigating...

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