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tips for enjoying life with 2 little ones...

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time4tea Wed 12-Sep-07 19:33:42

DS2 is now 6 months, DS1 is 3 and a half, I feel I'm just coming up for air after a tiring but satisfying time, we've been getting on well. But it is hectic, and wondered how other MNetters enjoy life as a bigger family, any tips for making the chores easier and the time for fun larger? my relationship with DH has taken a bit of a hit, we need to make some time for us, as well as getting as much relaxed/fun time together as a family..

notnowbernard Wed 12-Sep-07 19:37:37

Id ds1 in nursery/playschool at all?

Less housework

On-line food shopping

A couple of no-TV nights a week

Lots of time out in open spaces

Time with friends who have similar aged kids

Lots of wine!

PregnantGrrrl Thu 13-Sep-07 12:18:45

i'll be watching this for tips...DS2 due in 5wks, and DS is going to be 16mths.

I'm going to keep DS at childminders 2 short days a week, so i get a chance (hopefully) to do some chores or grab a nap. In theory anyway!

and there WILL be lots of wine aswell grin

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