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Stop pooping at night?

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ps1991 Mon 06-Apr-20 09:38:27

My 14 mo has started pooping in the night. For the past fortnight or so we have woken up in the morning to a poop in his nappy. Sometimes we have managed to realise before we’ve gone to bed and so we’ve changed him. But it doesn’t wake him or upset him so most of the time he does it in his sleep and we don’t realise until the morning. He also poops 1-2 times in the day too. It’s now starting to give him a nappy rash.

Is there a way we can help him just poop in the day?

JiltedJohnsJulie Mon 06-Apr-20 10:47:13

No idea on that one sorry but Metaniun should help the rash smile

WhateverHappenedToBathPearls Mon 06-Apr-20 15:23:30

Not sure, mine did it for a while at a similar age and then after maybe a month or so it just stopped. At the time he wasn't really pooping in the day as well though. Are the poops themselves normal for your DC?

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