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need help finding a cot bed duvet, 9 tog or higher

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lizandlulu Wed 12-Sep-07 12:32:16

i need a cot bed duvet, 100cm by 120 cm, but i need a tog of 9 of above. our house is really cold in winter, so need a high tog. i can only find tog 4 or 4.5. surely someone must have them?

thehairybabysmum Wed 12-Sep-07 12:38:35

could you not just put 2 of the 4 tog ones into the same duvet cover or 4 tog plus blankets on top when needed or extra layers on your baby.

I have jsut got a 4 tog duvet for ds and he is absolutely boiling under it so 9 tog seems a lot to me.

lizandlulu Wed 12-Sep-07 12:51:33

wehn its winter, we use a 15 tog on our bed. its a big old victorian house with rubbish heating, so when its cold, its bloody cold!!!
i didnt think about using 2 4 togs, but didnt really want to use blankets and a duvet. if all else fails, i will use 2 tog 4's. thanks for the idea!

Twinkie1 Wed 12-Sep-07 12:55:09

I am not sure you can get them - I think I tried for a friend and found out you have to use a 4 tog and blankets!

corblimeycharlie Wed 12-Sep-07 12:56:13

Ikea sell then quite cheaply and as others have said you could put 2 duvets into one cover for winter and you've still got versatility for our mad seasons.

lizandlulu Wed 12-Sep-07 13:02:08

panic over. i have got one. i looked on ebay a couple of days ago and there were none in the right size. i just looked again, and there was about 9!

lizandlulu Wed 12-Sep-07 13:03:39

the ikea one looks good, and cheap too, but our nearest ikea is about 40 miles away. the one off ebay is brand new for £14, really pleased i have got one coming, thanks.

nappyaddict Wed 12-Sep-07 13:40:26

this any good?

nappyaddict Wed 12-Sep-07 13:41:14

what tog is the ikea one?

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