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Lump behind ear!!!!

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Sandra800 Mon 23-Mar-20 22:11:37

Hi guys,

I’m so worried my son has a lump behind his ear. I went to the doctors a week ago and they said it’s a lymph node but if it gets bigger to cal back which I have they they going to cal me tommorw at some point. This is it this morning. It’s gone bigger than before. Anyone else experienced this?

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Ilovethekittehs Wed 25-Mar-20 19:44:11


My baby has this, he is three months old. The doctor didnt seem concerned but just to be on the safe side they're ordering an ultrasound but they think it's probably just a lymph nose.

Nikki512 Thu 26-Mar-20 22:39:56

I work in child care and seen this a lot it’s usually their wee bodies fighting an infection even a cold can cause the lymph lodes to swell sometimes. Try not to panic but see the doctor to be sure and put your mind at ease xx

Badassmama Sat 28-Mar-20 12:05:41

Yes! My baby had 2 and both disappeared

RainOnMee Thu 28-May-20 19:45:17

Hi @Sandra800
Did you find out what this was? I have similar and I am really worried.

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