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What sort of things do you do that class as quality time with your dc iyo?

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OFSTEDoutstanding Sun 09-Sep-07 20:50:29

Hi I am new to this part of MN and you can usually find me lurking in the childminder threads, however ds is 2 next week and I was wondering what do you do with your dc. I know I probably sound really dim but as I have other peoples children with ds for 50 hours a week when I get a day off I sort of let him choose what we do whether that is going out or watching tv (don't shoot me!)
Was just wondering what sort of things you do that you count as quality time as he really enjoys just spending time with me so if I can give him 100% attention even for a couple of hours I feel we have had quality time regardless of what we do. Would love to hear your opinions and sorry for rambling! grin

elliek Sun 09-Sep-07 20:51:27

we play children's board games, and read books, or play outside together

sunshinegirl Sun 09-Sep-07 20:53:33

I don't think it matters what you do as long as you give 100% attention. I tend to let dc's choose too sometimes they want to stay home and play, other times go out.

Spidermama Sun 09-Sep-07 20:54:05

Games. Trips out to the beach or park. Cooking. Painting. I sometimes think the thought is worse than the actual event. When I force myself to do these things (because let's face it they don't always come naturally) I'm often really glad I did.

Surfermum Sun 09-Sep-07 20:54:37

On Wednesdays we go swimming, go for lunch in the cafe and then go to toddler group. It's the one day when she gets my undivided attention for 5 or 6 hours. I'm going to miss it when she starts school next week.

OFSTEDoutstanding Sun 09-Sep-07 21:00:37

Thanks for your ideas the problem is I already do all those with him when I have the mindees during the week that is why I sort of let him decide on my days off as I feel he gets bored with it being so full on in the week. Love the idea of swimming being a weekly event maybe I could do that as there is no way I could do it during the week with 3 under 2!

cat64 Sun 09-Sep-07 21:01:27

Message withdrawn

fruitful Sun 09-Sep-07 21:03:07

What does your ds like to do?

Mine is 2.5. At the moment he likes it if we do puzzles, build duplo, build road and train layouts, play football. He also likes to help me sort the washing and clean the bathroom.

gibberish Sun 09-Sep-07 21:04:04

Mealtimes are great for quality time providing all the family sit at the table.

bozza Sun 09-Sep-07 21:05:30

I think just chilling together would be what he needs, after the activity and routine filled week.

anniemac Sun 09-Sep-07 21:10:02

Message withdrawn

anniemac Sun 09-Sep-07 21:13:30

Message withdrawn

OFSTEDoutstanding Sun 09-Sep-07 21:19:50

I agree annie my ds does love just sitting with me on the couch and watching tv or having a cudddle and a story, I just don't like to think that people think I am not giving him any effort on weekends when am so busy all week. A MIL comment last week along the lines of no wonder all you want to do is put him in front of the tv when you work all week has left me quite upset and paranoid!

bozza Sun 09-Sep-07 21:21:17

Although to answer the thread title with my 3yo this weekend that I suppose you could class as QT I have helped her make a collage picture for her Grandma including helping her practice the letters of her name and kisses, baked a cake, cuddled lots, read, helped her practice riding her bike (2 sessions), swept the patio together (she likes this, honest), picked strawberries from the garden. So she has done OK really.

I have done rather less for DS who is 6, but DH has done more.

We have also done other things like DD's dancing, DS been to a party, out for lunch with PILs today etc.

Smithagain Sun 09-Sep-07 22:13:04

DD2 has just turned two. Her idea of heavenly quality time would probably involve a trip to the park without her big sister, back home to cook something containing chocolate and/or golden syrup, followed by endless reading of books.

She has also just learned to say "Laura watch Charlie and Lola", but I blame her big sister for that and I don't think it counts as QT LOL!

anniemac Sun 09-Sep-07 22:18:00

Message withdrawn

StarryStarryNight Sun 09-Sep-07 22:20:44

We blow soap bubbles together. Mostly I blow, he chases, and is delighted each time he pops one. He also blows some, but the chase is much more fun. His happy little face beams up at me as I blow the bubbles, then he laughs in delight when he pops them. Truly a nice thing to do together.

anniemac Sun 09-Sep-07 22:21:01

Message withdrawn

KerryMum Sun 09-Sep-07 22:23:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

anniemac Sun 09-Sep-07 23:03:05

Message withdrawn

yomellamoHelly Tue 11-Sep-07 21:14:59

Reading, painting, "writing" (ds3 1/2), cooking, baking, making playdough, "wobbly bridge" (ds1 sits on kness and I move them about so he has to balance and do a bit of bucking bronco style too), hide and seek, magazines (especially spot the difference at the moment), swimming (every now and then), out on his bike (he gets to choose the direction), we also go to a coffee/book shop and he has half a chocolate cake and an hour of me reading whatever he fancies to him

Tommy Tue 11-Sep-07 21:17:09

I prefer to do normal things and let DS2 help - cooking, laundry, shopping etc. We sem to get on better that way smile

Pitchounette Tue 11-Sep-07 21:23:00

Message withdrawn

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