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Birthday party ettiquette - food for parents?

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novadandypowder Wed 05-Sep-07 20:24:34

I'm hosting a party for my dd who will be turning 2 soon. I've hired a place for an hour and a half (4-5.30pm) - an hour for play then half an hour for cake and food. I'm arranging the food into party boxes as I have a child coming who is allergic to most foods.

So my question is, should I also put on a spread of nibbles for the adults there? I think I'll take juices and water, but I think if there is food around the kids will want it and I don't want to distract them/cause problems for allergy child.

Also, how acceptable is it to put "unhealthy" foods in the party box? IMO it's a party and I don't want to dish out carrot sticks with hoummous and an apple, I think it should be balanced with some fun.

magsi Wed 05-Sep-07 20:43:36

The many parties ive been to have never had nibbles for parents. Not even if the kids had party boxes. As long as us parents have maybe a tea or coffee we are fine. Don't worry too much, you are entertaining the little ones, not the parents.

I think it is fine for nuggets and chips to be on the menu. Parties are a time for eating junk at its best. Go for it smile

Hulababy Wed 05-Sep-07 20:46:39

Many of the parties we went to last year, the ones held in halls, had nibbles and drinks availble for any parents staying. Normally put to one side away from the children.

Perfectly ok to put something unhealthy in the party box. We put chocolate in there and had buns too.

happyathome Wed 05-Sep-07 20:47:10

been to many parties since last September.most parties had :sandwiches,crisps of some sort,jelly or ice cream.there were variations like cheese cubes,chocolate rolls/muffins,chocolate fingers etc.lot of parties had 'sweets' type party bags/junk toys plus birthday cake.
I always stop and supervise my daughter,as she is allergic to egg,so i make sure everything's ok.i usually check with the venue or 'hosting' parent and then tell DD not to touch x as it has egg in.Taught her from being small to check with me before she eats something.I've not expected parties to cater for us though,as i wouldn't wish to cause havoc for the hosts.DD sees other kids eating 'egg' foods,but doesn't complain or try to share with others as she understands how sick it would make her.(mind you,she's 5.2).When younger,i just hovered round her and told people not to give her x.they understood.
done 2 home parties for her.1st party,healthy food,plus same on offer to adults.Kids rejected much of food.Parents were not hungry or probably too polite to have some?!...lot of surplas food!!.
2nd party-plenty of junk mixed in and adults could have leftovers if they wanted(done at a soft-play venue)-scoffed in no time.grinYes parties are still the home of junk heaven if you ask me,just give my DD healthy 'bits' during rest of day wink

happyathome Wed 05-Sep-07 20:51:42

forgot to say,9/10 parties didn't have anything for parents,besides drinks.Only one party in a hired hall.Did the catering themselves.Just tea/coffee plus chocolate biccys for parents.

NannyL Wed 05-Sep-07 20:56:57

was my charges 2nd birthday yesturday! (lots of children from 16 months - 4.5)

We had a party day with all my nanny friends grin and their charges

Children had sandwiches (ham / cheese)
Cherry toms / Cuecumber / Carrot sticks
Pomme bear crisps (treat)
Babybel cheeses
Mini sausages
packs of raisens

followed by
grapes and a party ring biscuits

followed by jelly and ice cream

while all the babies where sleeping the older children had an ice lolly (normally have homemade but these were shop ones (prob full of colours and crap as a special treat wink)

then midafternoon we cut the homemade choc cake!

It felt like a party cause mine never have ANYthing unhealthy! (except for special treats)

We had enough bread / cheese / ham / chutneys in fridge /salad for us adults to make yummy lunch, and the same biscuits cake / ice cream / lollies etc for us as well

Persinally i wouldnt provide food for adults between 4 and 5.30 cause most adults dont normally eat at that time!

novadandypowder Wed 05-Sep-07 21:47:54

Thank you, sounds like I'm heading in the right direction..

iheartdusty Thu 06-Sep-07 12:50:02

at all the parties I have been to the adults are nibbling at the party food!

we provided 'adult' crisps and nibbles plus wine/tea/coffee. Went down a storm. But we did have a kitchen in a hired hall.

TheHerdNerd Thu 06-Sep-07 13:19:58

Halls? Venues!? Whatever happened to the back garden, tub of ice cream and 15 feral kids of my childhood parties!?

Elibean Thu 06-Sep-07 13:44:54

We did dd's 2nd and 3rd birthdays at home, with feral kids but no back garden (just before Xmas, unfortunately). Adults were offered tea/coffee and had a slice of birthday cake - but they were'nt huge parties, so all close friends.

Most I've been to have had tea/coffee or soft drinks available to adults - and they nibbled on whatever the kids ate if they felt like it.

OTOH, I've been to a 4th bday party in a hired hall, and one in a softplay, that had champagne and nibbles for the grownups shock

Hulababy Thu 06-Sep-07 14:50:08

TheHerdNerd - there is now way I wannt any large number of children running round my house fueled up on excitement and party food! The £30 I paid out for the hall was for my benefit way more for any child's benefit, believe me!

We did wine, soft drinks and nibbles for grown ups - no champagne though. Any fizz stays at home for me - to recover after the party is over, lol!

Smithagain Thu 06-Sep-07 21:07:31

I've been to plenty of parties where there are nibbles for the adults. But do think about how you manage it, in terms of being sure that the allergic child is not going to end up helping him/herself to something they can't eat. At very minimum, warn his/her mother that there will be other food around.

(Am mother of a nut-allergic child and it was difficult when she was a toddler and liable to grab stuff that was not intended for her).

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