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Toddler birthday help

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Jellybeans20 Sat 15-Feb-20 04:55:28

Hi, would love some advice please
When your 2 year old cuts the cake, do they stand alone (unlikely)? with their parents? parents and other little kids? the entire mob?

what's a good game for this age group?

not keen on traditional party bags with lollies. Please suggest what you wouldn't throw in the bin.

thank you so much

Russell19 Sat 15-Feb-20 05:06:38

Never seen a 2 year old cut the cake themselves. confused they can just blow out the candles then you take the cake and cut it for everyone at the party.

Little cuddly toys would go down well in party bags with some cake maybe? A party blower, bubbles etc.

Jellybeans20 Sat 15-Feb-20 05:22:12

thanks @Russell19.

I meant who stands at the cake table during the cake cutting moment.
parents of child and kiddy friends? or just parents of child and call everyone in for a photo after???
Love the idea of bubbles. Thanks!

Discoballs Sat 15-Feb-20 05:27:07

I too have never seen a cake cutting moment at a birthday party, just at weddings.

Usually the kid is surrounded by friends and family and parent walks up to them with cake with candles lit, everyone starts singing and the kid blow it out at the end of the Happy Birthday song. 🤷🏻‍♀️

HotDogGuy Sat 15-Feb-20 05:27:19

Other than a wedding there’s never been a cake cutting moment at a party so the idea of it as a toddlers birthday party is odd. Just take the cake into the kitchen and cut it up.
As for party bags you can get books for £1 each on the book people - they go down well. My kids also loved bubbles - still in plastic bottles but got used

IggyAce Sat 15-Feb-20 05:31:07

All my kids parties everyone gathers round when it’s cake time, sing happy birthday and dc blows out the candles. I then would take the cake away to kitchen/another table and cut to put in party bags.
Asda will be getting some large bubble wands in shortly they would be great for this age and are usually 50p each.

Bipbipbipbip Sat 15-Feb-20 09:31:58

I wouldn't let my child anywhere near a cake with a knife! Blow out the candle (with help if required) and then the cake goes off to be cut by an adult for party bags.

Party bags - you could do little puzzle books & pencil, Lanka kade figure, little cuddly toy, bubbles

JiltedJohnsJulie Sat 15-Feb-20 09:45:17

I've never been to a child's birthday where cutting the cake was a thing either. Weddings, absolutely but children's birthday parties?

Just sing happy birthday to them, get them to blow out the candle and then take the cake into the kitchen and cut it up whist they children do another game.

EssentialHummus Sat 15-Feb-20 09:45:36

What everyone else said about the cake. I wouldn’t do games with two year olds either; lots of toys for them to play with will go down better imo. If you’re set on an activity then a bunch of rhyme time songs will probably be a better bet, but if everyone’s excitable maybe not that either. And a book instead of a party bag.

MrsFrTedCrilly Sat 15-Feb-20 09:51:22

As others said with the cake. I think a sticker book or seeds and a little pot works well with this age group as party favours.
Happy birthday to your little person, hope it all goes well for you .

JiltedJohnsJulie Sat 15-Feb-20 10:23:19

As for the favour, there are sone great suggestions on here. The Book People usually sell cheap sets of books which you could split and give one or two each.

Russell19 Sat 15-Feb-20 15:07:36

Don't think you can really control who stands at the 'cake table'. If it is a party, surely all the guests will just gather round. Don't think too much into it.

Jellybeans20 Sun 16-Feb-20 09:50:07

@Discoballs That's how my birthdays were as a kid. I find that these days the cake is already on a table and ive seen a mixture of things happen. Kid stands with immediate family and cuts 1 slice after song or kid does same as above but with other kids standing around

@HotDogGuy I love the idea of a book and bubbles.

@IggyAce thanks Iggy. Im leaning towards inviting all the kids in. Bubbles sounds like a winner

@Bipbipbipbip thanks. The knife is a toddler safe knife. Fire knives.. good thing to be weary of though.. Lanka kade figure sounds good. I haven't seen them in many of the favours at parties we've been to.

Love the idea of the lanka kade figure!! I didn't think of that.

@JiltedJohnsJulie Really?? No way!! Why have I seen this at a lot of parties? I wonder if it's a cultural thing. Love the book idea and I'm thinking the set you recommended is a great idea.

@EssentialHummus thank you for the advice. I cant imagine the parcel being passed in pass the parcel! I love the idea of nursery rhymes.

@MrsFrTedCrilly thank you for wishing LO. I really like the idea of the pot with seeds. It's so educational on so many levels.

Jellybeans20 Sun 16-Feb-20 09:51:09

@Russell19 thank you. You're right. I totally forgot about the grandparents who will be there!

Thank you for all your advice.

JiltedJohnsJulie Sun 16-Feb-20 09:57:06

It could well be a cultural thing smile

Booboostwo Sun 16-Feb-20 10:08:47

At that age organized games are difficult, but I would go for balloons (but keep an eye for burst balloons and collect pieces), bubbles (if outside), music (dancing or some may be interested in musical statues), musical instruments and some toys that can be shared like cars, trains, dolls, prams, kitchen, etc. A small, wide bucket with a little bit of water and ducks (or fish) for fishing can be fun but would need to be well supervised.

Booboostwo Sun 16-Feb-20 10:11:59

Bubbles, stickers, pot of seeds, small dinosaur, etc. have all been hits with mine at that age.

littleyikes Sun 16-Feb-20 10:34:12

Playdough is good for party bags. There's a couple of little companies on Etsy that do nice ones, ones called squidge&squish and is plastic free (just done this for party bags 😂) seeds or a cress-head, crayons and colouring book. Baker Ross has lots of little kits, stickers etc.
Id just do what feels right at the time with the cake. If the kids are all a bit hyper, maybe they'd be better away etc.

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