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Young baby in own room

(20 Posts)
Mand1A Mon 03-Sep-07 21:10:17

I have an 11 week old DS who is sleeping in his own room - which is right next to ours. We can't fit a cot in our room sad - any comments on this?

flowerybeanbag Mon 03-Sep-07 21:14:34

Sounds good to me. DS has been in his own room since about 7 weeks. He was growing out of his moses basket rapidly, and none of us were sleeping well.
He went happily into his cot, we all sleep better, and we have a good monitor so it's fine.

REIDmylips Mon 03-Sep-07 21:17:11

our ds went into his own room at 12 weeks (iirc) through choice. I think it is a good thing personally!

Chattyhan Mon 03-Sep-07 21:26:58

DS went into his own room very quickly because i was waking at his every move. We all slept better! If it works for you then do it smile

Charlie999 Mon 03-Sep-07 21:33:13

My DD went into her room at 7 weeks - bliss smile

rookiemum Mon 03-Sep-07 22:23:56

The experts recommend that your baby sleeps in the same room as you for the first 6 months because they reckon that it may reduce the risk of cot death.

However I don't know if they have proved if there is a definite link and if so what the percentages are as I couldn't find much definite info on this when we moved our DS into his own room at 10 weeks as I just wasn't getting any sleep.

I think as long as you are happy with him in his own room then thats fine.

Did you post because you had concerns ?

Mand1A Tue 04-Sep-07 07:29:31

Yes I did feel a little guilty, but needs must. He's sleeping brilliantly so far anyway, and I feel alot better knowing other people out there are doing the same. Thanks for your posts everyone grin

foofi Tue 04-Sep-07 07:38:35

My two both slept in their own rooms from birth. I wouldn't have slept a wink otherwise!

foofi Tue 04-Sep-07 07:40:10

(Incidentally Rookiemum 'the experts' change their advice quite a lot.)

littleducks Tue 04-Sep-07 07:45:27

I kept dd with me, due to eaase for feeding and as i wanted to follow the advice.

However, from birth she didnt take to the back to bed thing prefering to sleep on her side (even the midwife at the hosp when she was born noticed) and eventually on her front (not sure when, though i may have waited til after 6 months).

So I think everyone interprets the advice in their own way and does whatever they can to get some sleep!

Piggy Tue 04-Sep-07 07:47:40

Do whatever suits you. We had ds1 in with us until he was 7 months old and ds2 in with us until he was 9 months old. I just preferred being able to reach out, pick them up, feed them and put them back to bed all without getting out of bed myself!

harpsichordcarrier Tue 04-Sep-07 08:05:08

the advice of FSIDS for reducing the risk of cot death is to keep the baby in the same room as you for all sleeps (day and night) until 6 months. the risk gradually reduces over that period. tbh I think this is pretty young. the advice (in combination with other advice from FSIDS e.g. bf, not sleeping of sofas, putting baby to sleep on the back etc) has brought about a very siginificant reduction in cot death rates over the last 10-20 years.

is there any way you could get around this? sleeping in the spare room for a short while? just the two of you? moving the furniture around?

jcscot Tue 04-Sep-07 08:29:11

I had my son in beside me for the first three months - not through choice, I might add. I was living with my parents when he was born because my husband was in a rather busy job in London and couldn't take a lot of time off and because it was a difficult pregnancy (lots of complications so I wanted to have the baby in the excellent hospital near my parents).

We moved into our own home when he was 12 weeks and he went straight into a room of his own and into a big cot with no problems whatsoever. We didn't bother with a monitor - I didn't need it for the first three months and we could easily hear if he was distressed once he'd moved into his own room.

This might sound depressing but, if we'd had a monitor, but by the time we'd realise that something was wrong it'd be too late to do anything about it. Mind you, if we'd been in a larger house or if our son's bedroom was significant distance from ours, then I would have had a monitor.

juuule Tue 04-Sep-07 08:33:17

My dd was a near-miss cot-death at 8wks (on her hospital notes). I can honestly say that she would not be here today if she hadn't been in the same room as us. So, obviously, I would go with the 6m advice.

JodieG1 Tue 04-Sep-07 08:43:19

I wouldn't but each to their own. I co-sleep anyway but wouldn't have a baby under 6 months in their own room because of extra risk of sids but I also wouldn't want to be away from them at night.

littlelapin Tue 04-Sep-07 08:48:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

rosmerta Tue 04-Sep-07 09:08:53

We went the same as littlelapin, ds was with us until 12 weeks, was outgrowing his moses basket so went into his big cot in his own room (we couldn't fit the cot into our room either). Felt guilty about it at first but again, he started sleeping through then and we weren't all disturbing each other!

Plus, that meant the cat could come back onto our bed so he was happy too!

SSSandy2 Tue 04-Sep-07 09:19:32

I couldn't have done it Mand1A but if you have no other option, I think you have to find a way of being at ease with it. I woke up at night quite often and would listen all tense to hear dd breathe. Once I'd heard her breathing, I dropped off back to sleep. Even now if I wake up at night, I have to go and check she's breathing before I'll go back to sleep. Just me I guess.

Janos Tue 04-Sep-07 09:30:32

Mand1A, you seem to be feeling quite guilty about this but please, please don't.

My DS was in his own room from 10 weeks (he is now 34 months) and I know many other parents who have done the same.

And remember, it is MUCH better for DS, and you, to have a mum who is getting some good quality sleep (when she can ) than a mum who is exhausted and ill from lack of rest.

Mand1A Wed 05-Sep-07 22:01:24

Thanks again for all advice, it's really helpful, good to know what other parents have done/are doing. smile

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