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End of my tether.

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ginandgingers92 Fri 14-Feb-20 08:10:16

Currently been up since 1am, after having steroid injections yesterday - 35 weeks pg with a horrendous pregnancy and they want to deliver early. Second course and second injection due today, wonderful!

Husband didn't get home from work until 2am, so is sleeping, (I don't begrudge him this, I just think I'm in a hideous mood and need to snap out of it before he comes downstairs, otherwise the poor guy is going to have a shitty V day 😂) whilst I'm up with 23m old, who woke up at 5:30 today and is currently pushing all the boundaries and ignoring every I say.
I'm exhausted, fat, uncomfortable and the last thing I want to do is roll all over the carpet right now.
This is my first day of mat leave, my chance to do the 'resting' everyone has been telling me to do since the pregnancy shit hit the fan 20 weeks ago....

I can't help thinking 'what the fuck have I done??' Because it's not going to get any easier is it?!

Any words of encouragement right now would be greatly appreciated, struggling to keep the tears at bay.

OxeyeDaisy Fri 14-Feb-20 08:18:42

@ginandgingers92 oh bless you big hugs.

I only have the one so can’t advise on life with two but could you stick a kids tv channel on or a dvd for a bit so you could pop your feet up and watch it together for a bit? Warn the other half that your not in a good mood when he gets up - just incase.

You know what having one is hard and to start with we have moments where we think what the hell have I done but it passes. And I’m sure with two those moments will be there again but remember the little ones will love you to to moon and back and they won’t care if the house is a mess or you haven’t had chance to do the other jobs that you wanted to get done. As long as they are with you and your happy they are happy.

Hope your not feeling to uncomfortable for too much longer x

ginandgingers92 Fri 14-Feb-20 14:27:40

@OxeyeDaisy thank you. I forewarned the husband and luckily snapped out of things as best I could when he came downstairs!
I do sometimes pop the tv on for my son but he just can't stay interested for any manner of time! He's more of a 'roll around and pretend to fall over, Mummy!' Kind of child 😂
That'll be fun when I'm recovering from a c section 🙈🙈 I think I'll be taking advantage of an help offers I get.
Thank you for replying to me though, I really do appreciate it; sometimes it's cathartic to stop pretending everything is roses for a while!

Bol87 Fri 14-Feb-20 23:42:43

35 weeks here too & I've had a rough pregnancy also with HG. I’m exhausted, sick & anaemic & cannot get my iron up despite a huge whack of tablets & frankly had quite enough of this dreadful 9 months. Add a toddler into the mix & I feel your pain majorly. It’s really flipping hard! My DD had a full on meltdown in a carpark today because I physically couldn’t carry her any further as it was hurting my bump & back so much (she’s a tall & not petite 2.5 year old). confused

I honestly think having baby cannot be any worse than it is now. At least I won’t be horribly uncomfortable or in pain. At least I won’t feel/be sick anymore. At least any iron & vitamins I put into my body are for purely for me & I hopefully I can get over this anaemia! Yep, it’s going to be really hard adjusting to two & figuring out our new way of life but physically & health wise, it will be better! I’ve felt so poorly for 9 months, I cannot wait to feel OK (exhaustion aside)! Hopefully be the same for you!

Is your LO in nursery to give you a break at least?! Or with family? I’m keeping my DD in regular routine. Nursery Mon-Tues & Granny on Wed, so I can have a proper rest & get ready for new baby!

ginandgingers92 Sat 15-Feb-20 07:57:55

@bol87, so sorry to hear you're having a rough ride too, it's so hard sad I had HG but luckily this dissipated around 24 weeks, now it's just endless hospital appointments!

Yeah he's in nursery 2 days a week at the mo, although this will have to drop down to one once SMP kicks in, unfortunately sad

We're not very local to family that can be of any help, which is a shame. My family are an hour and a half away; so not a million miles and they are amazing and will come down whenever they can, but they're both still full time employed. My husband's family on the other hand are much closer but useless. They have so little idea what is going on this time - not that they haven't been told, they just don't retain the information- the other day they actually asked me when 37 weeks would be... like it wasn't an important factor in their grandchild's development, considering that's when they're looking to deliver! A- they'd be told and B- it's not hard to do that maths from my due date! Honestly, I'm so close to telling my husband that he can deal with them from now on, and I'm going to go NC to a degree. Every time I'm reminded how rubbish they are it just stresses me out even more! 🙈🙈🙈
So largely, when husband is off nights (he works shifts) it's just me and my toddler for the entire day, finding stuff to do in this weather, that isn't soft play!

Oh gosh, yep, I've had the toddler tantrums, trying to do anything to get him to get up from the floor and follow me, so I don't need to carry him 🙈😂

Oh my goodness I sound so whingy, sorry!

But the end is near for both of us, thank goodness 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

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