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What sling to use for 3 month old? So confused

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Lelophants Thu 13-Feb-20 17:10:04

My baby (understandably) likes to always be with me and I want to get better at babywearing especially around the house. I have a normal sling which is one long piece of material but don't really get on with it. I've tried to wrap it round where he's facing me but he really doesn't like it! I think I need a more supportive and less complex one (maybe one with the ring?) But I'd really like one I can breastfeed in too.

Basically something more than one piece of material I find hard to support him and not something overly structured like the baby biorn as that's too big for the house and I can't breastfeed in it. He's 3 months old.

BeautifulBirds Thu 13-Feb-20 17:28:34

I use a caboo. Baby is now 7 months and I can use it a a side carry too.

Is there a local sling library you can go to? Mine was amazing and showed me how to use the caboo. You can also hire slings for a week at a time, which is useful while you see which one suits.

With regard to breastfeeding in the sling, the sling library recommends not to as it is a suffocation risk.

modgepodge Thu 13-Feb-20 19:40:46

I have an izmi, it’s semi structured I’d say. It’s got 3 adjustable buckles and can be used inward or outward facing, on the side or even to carry baby on your back (each position is only suitable for a certain age). I find it quite comfy and it’s less structured than a baby bjorn and folds up small. Not sure about BF in it as I’ve never tried. It’s suitable from birth. I never really got on with the ones which are just a long piece of fabric either, baby was always happy but I always felt it wasn’t tight enough/she was in wrong position/it was too damn hot being wrapped in all those layers!!

Shahlalala Thu 13-Feb-20 19:43:25

My go to is a ring sling. It can be used to have babe on the front or on the hip.
It does take a bit of practice to make sure you and babe are comfy, so I would recommend a slug library if you can get to one.
I also have a hop tye for longer walks, that can be used to pop DS in my back.

Shahlalala Thu 13-Feb-20 19:45:03

Used only slings for 3 years or so with DD and DS is now 6 months, never managed to breastfeed either of them in it. Always felt uncomfortable for them.

OnlyLittleMissOrganised Fri 14-Feb-20 05:10:15

I have a ring sling and a baby 3 month old hates both so you are not alone in that respect. He just screams all the time in them. He likes to look out and he cant see the world with a sling. Who wants to see mummy's chest....that's boring! Lol. I cant wait until hes 4 months then I can put him forward facing in the baby Bjorn which I think he will prefer.

As pps have said if you have a local slingmeet or library you will get lots of advice and support there.

puds11 Fri 14-Feb-20 05:42:25

I have a Baby K’tan and love it.

crazydiamond222 Fri 14-Feb-20 05:54:34

Marmaruga zensling is really good. It is semi structured, has buckles but is really soft. I can feed in it. I went to a sling library and they said it was a good one to move on to after the baby bjorn which was giving me backache.

NearlyBaked Sat 15-Feb-20 10:07:26

I have a 3 month old and a Connecta - I find it very comfortable and can feed in it. Lovely range of fabrics/colours too if that's important to you!

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