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suitable name(s) for female genitals

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julwil Sun 02-Sep-07 10:08:01

Does anyone have a suitable name that we can use as a family? So far I'm stumped - vagina (too clinical), front bum (eurgh!), I've seen 'flower' used on mn, but would welcome any other suggestions

Blossomhill Sun 02-Sep-07 10:08:44

we say moo moo. God knows where/how/why it started but I think it's quite sweet.

NappiesGalore Sun 02-Sep-07 10:09:45

plain old fanny for use in childhood.

personally like fanwah myself, but that is a total pisstake from a drunken night with girly friends long ago..

mn word de rigeur is fanjo

NappiesGalore Sun 02-Sep-07 10:10:56

personally think moo moo, front bum and flower are all a bit gross.

its a fanny forcrissakes. it wont bite, you dont need to come up with fluffy euphamisms

LazyLinePainterJane Sun 02-Sep-07 10:13:53


LazyLinePainterJane Sun 02-Sep-07 10:14:24


excuse me there.....but flower?


MoosMa Sun 02-Sep-07 10:17:24

I think fanny sounds a bit ick when said by a child, I always called it a front bottom when I was little and that seems to have carried on with DD.

TheMuppetMuggle Sun 02-Sep-07 10:17:57

we use looloo.

Mommalove Sun 02-Sep-07 10:18:32

Message withdrawn

pirategirl Sun 02-Sep-07 10:19:31

we use wee wee, was the word used wheni was little. its where your wee comes from as far as dd5 is concerned!

I dont like fanny, it sounds too laddish.

Mommalove Sun 02-Sep-07 10:20:34

Message withdrawn

FrannyandZooey Sun 02-Sep-07 10:22:17

Vulva is a good word - vagina sounds quite clinical and also doesn't describe what you see, but the inside passage, and things like 'flower' etc are open to misinterpretation. Should your child (god forbid) every need to tell another adult, at school or whatever, about something to do with their genitalia (eg that it hurts or that someone has done something to it), it's important that the word they use is going to be clear and easily understood.

Some people use fanny but to others that is a rude / sexual word, so we went with vulva.

Riss70 Sun 02-Sep-07 10:23:17

I guess there is nothing wrong with biological terms but by the same token some people find them awkward..... my mother always referred to my genitals as my 'little bottom' and I use 'privates' with my daughter

ELR Sun 02-Sep-07 10:25:06

we use monkey

pirategirl Sun 02-Sep-07 10:25:38

i agree, i wouldnt call mine my vagina generally, but then again I have no cause to talk about tit, unless on here or to friends!!, ok, its the correct word, but it doesnt mean I like that word. The vagina, the vulva. One needs a good name for the whole ensemble!!

ok wee wee isnt great, but its pretty inoffensive. It just was natural for me to use that as my mum used that word with us as kids.

FrannyandZooey Sun 02-Sep-07 10:26:15

It's important to remember that the word you choose also gives messages to your children about how we feel about that part. If you can't bear to say the proper name for it, it does imply you are ashamed or uncomfortable about that part of the body.

wheresthehamster Sun 02-Sep-07 10:26:24

Bits. We don't get too specific in our house smile

pirategirl Sun 02-Sep-07 10:26:28

good typo grin @ tit

pirategirl Sun 02-Sep-07 10:27:09

yeah my friend calls her son's 'bits'.

privates is good.

pirategirl Sun 02-Sep-07 10:28:08

I wouldnt say I was ashamed about mine! I just don't like the word.

Mommalove Sun 02-Sep-07 10:28:26

Message withdrawn

Mommalove Sun 02-Sep-07 10:29:49

Message withdrawn

FrannyandZooey Sun 02-Sep-07 10:31:30

No, but this kind of thing does pass on messages to our children

they do need to know the correct words, for reasons mentioned earlier

if you can't bear to say them to your children, that does suggest a little more than a slight dislike for the word

wheresthehamster Sun 02-Sep-07 10:33:23

When you think you have a name just imagine the future when your child may have to say it to a teacher . E.g. My bits hurt. My flower hurts. If it's too bizarre the teacher may not understand!

NappiesGalore Sun 02-Sep-07 10:35:15

its not like you have long dinnertime conversations about it tho, do you? when talking about it, its generally for a specific reason. like 'have you washed your fanny?' at bathtime for eg.

why the word has to be all pretty and delicate i dont know... who do you expect to be talking to about it??

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