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Eddie16 Tue 14-Jan-20 20:30:49

Hi,can anyone give me some help?
My dd has just turned 4 and overnight seems to have turned into a gobby little madam. The tantrums are becoming more frequent especially at bedtime,flat out refusing to go,have supper beforehand and general grumpiness.
There is also an issue with how she speaks to me, there is a lot of shut up mummy and no, dont speak to me etc. The shut up comes from grandad who I will speak to about his language as he drives a car with a talking dashboard so if you say Mercedes,the car asks what do you want so grandad replies with shut up which dd finds hilarious. I expected stroppy teenager a lot later on but I could really do with some tips on how to handle the shut up mummy. I've tried naughty step, ignoring what she says or asking her to use different words such as please be quiet while I do this task etc. Thanks Ladies

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