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Sling recommendations please

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Comps83 Tue 14-Jan-20 14:48:36

Can anyone recommend a sling for a new born? I’m mainly wanting to wear it around the house so I can still do a bit of housework as he doesn’t like to be put down

Harrysmummy246 Tue 14-Jan-20 14:49:58

depends partly on baby's size but also whether you want a soft/ stretchy wrap or something more structured.

Have you searched for a sling library around you/

Mizydoscape Tue 14-Jan-20 15:17:32

Second a sling library. Also depends on the size/weight of your baby when born and if you're happy to have something that you might want you replace fairly quickly.

My LG born 5lb9oz. We had a close caboo to start with. Easy to use as I wasnt confident with one I had to tie myself. By the time she got to about 4.5kg she was starting to feel heavy in it as all the weight through your shoulders.

Went to our local sling library and hired a beco Gemini. Love it, so comfortable for me and her. Easy to put on and can be used for front and back carries. I've just bought one second hand for £35 so very pleased.

Comps83 Tue 14-Jan-20 15:28:29

Ah great thanks
I didn’t think about looking for a library and there is a local one

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