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9 month old unsettled at night

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Lisa26289 Tue 14-Jan-20 09:44:50

Hi, I’m new here and need some advice!

Since going into her own bedroom at around 6 months DD has struggled to settle for the first few hours and wakes up screaming several times. Why is she doing this??

She wakes up at around 6.30am and has 2/3 naps during the day (about 2 hours in total), she has breakfast, lunch and dinner and around 7oz formula 4 times per day. Her bedtime routine is - relax on sofa after dinner and then from 7pm we change her nappy and do baby massage, read bedtime story and then give her bedtime bottle ( we do bath in the morning as she gets very excited in the bath and then hates coming out and gets herself worked up- would be impossible to get her to go to sleep after this). She usually falls asleep no problem but then once she is in bed she wakes up screaming 3/4 times between 8pm-11pm. Usually we can pick her up for a cuddle and she’ll fall back asleep within a few minutes but sometimes she is wide awake and we need to start the whole bedtime routine again! She has no teeth yet and goes through periods of teething but this makes no difference to the sleeping pattern. Please help!

KidCaneGoat Tue 14-Jan-20 11:38:40

Hey, that sounds tiring for you. It could be teething, bad dreams, separation anxiety, too hot or cold. All sorts of things. I always found it was a bit of a guessing game at that age. But it is peak separation anxiety age. So my guess would be that she wakes up alone and panics

KidCaneGoat Tue 14-Jan-20 11:39:38

You could also try giving calpol one night before bed. Then if she doesn’t wake you’ll know it’s pain. And if she wakes just the same then it’s something else

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