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Can I run my new after school routine by you

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nutcracker Tue 28-Aug-07 14:54:16

Ds starts school next week and so I want a good routine after school as I am also altering the kids bedtimes.

Previously all the kids, ages 9,7 and 4 have all gone to bed at the same time 7:30, but obviously this is unfair on Dd1 in particular.

So new routine is as follows

4pm : Arrive home

4pm - 4:45 - Have a drink, snack and then 30 min of tv or ds/ps2 whatever. If weather is nice then garden instead.

5pm : - Do any homework or reading that needs doing.

5:30 - Dinner time

6 pm : I wash up, and kids watch tv, potter about etc.

6:15 : Bath Ds

6:30 : Stick dd's in the bath, whilst i read ds a story and he has his bedtime drink.

7 pm : Bed for Ds and drinks for Dd's

7:30 - Bed for Dd2, allowed to read for 30 min.

8 pm - Dd2 sleep time, Dd1 bed and read for 30 min.

8:30 - Dd1 sleep.

This is only a rough guide, and I know it won't be stuck to like absolute clockwork, but at least it means every one will know what they are doing and when.

Any good, or a load of rubbish ?

princessmel Tue 28-Aug-07 14:56:47


Why would it be a load of rubbish!

Only thing I'd say is that when my 2 have tea at 5.30 they are never in bath a 6 ish. Which is what I aim for.
If you want a 6.15 bath time then I'd do tea a little earlier.


nutcracker Tue 28-Aug-07 14:56:59

Oh and the watching tv, playing on ds/ps2 only goes ahead for each child if i haven't had to have words with them on the way home, and in particular for ds, if he has managed to speak nicely to me.

Idreamofdaleks Tue 28-Aug-07 14:57:13

Sounds fabulous!
Has made me think I should do the same!

nutcracker Tue 28-Aug-07 14:57:48

Ahh ok, will aim for 5:15 ish then and see how we go.

Idreamofdaleks Tue 28-Aug-07 14:58:03

When will you make their tea if you are supervising homework / reading at 5pm?

nutcracker Tue 28-Aug-07 14:58:22

Oh and the worst thing of all, is that I am not allowed to MN between their hometime and bedtime shock

nell12 Tue 28-Aug-07 14:59:14

sounds good, I'd get homework done before tv time, but if its a nice day, I would be like you and get them in the garden for as long as poss.

By the looks of it homework and reading time is for the 1/2hr before dinner.. unless you have a kitchen table, you may find cooking and supervising reading a bit of a challenge grin

Good luck smile

nutcracker Tue 28-Aug-07 14:59:17

Kind of depends what is for tea, but at the mo they all have school dinners so it will only be something quick, or something i have had cooking in the slow cooker all day.

JackieNo Tue 28-Aug-07 14:59:53

Sounds very good - the only thing I think I'd struggle with is making dinner while trying to supervise any homework that was happening.

princessmel Tue 28-Aug-07 14:59:54

Cant you check mn while they are having a bit of tv and their snack. The tea can be cooking and you can keep an eye on it and them. Unless your pc is upstairs...

nutcracker Tue 28-Aug-07 15:00:10

Hmm yeah I see what you mean. Might have to see how that bit goes as I'm not sure on the amount of stuff each of them will have to do.

JackieNo Tue 28-Aug-07 15:00:22

Typed too slow - x-postsgrin.

Wilbur Tue 28-Aug-07 15:00:32

I think that's brilliant, nutcracker - it's got all the bases covered. I guess my only question would be are your kids going tbe okay about turning the tv, ps2 off to do their homework? Could you get the homework out of the way and then do TV? Although I suppose the kids TV is over by then.

I need to work something similar out myself for my three (they're a bit younger than yours) as bathing them all together won't be possible much longer, and I'll need to stagger bedtimes.

nutcracker Tue 28-Aug-07 15:00:47

LOL Princessmel, I could yeah but my self restraint is crap, and I know that once my bum touches the chair, the whole routine will go out of the window.

nutcracker Tue 28-Aug-07 15:01:45

Yeah i think i need to swap homework and tv time around don't I. That way if i need to be in the kitchen, they will be entertained anyway.

princessmel Tue 28-Aug-07 15:01:45

I always make tea while the child I look after is doing his homework. Then we're together so I can help/chat to him. Also he's not alone as we're both in the kitchen diner.

princessmel Tue 28-Aug-07 15:02:55

Then they have ps2 /tv time. Or garden time till tea.

nutcracker Tue 28-Aug-07 15:04:04


I am going to write it all out and stick it on the fridge so that they all know whats going on.

It might fall apart a bit on Mondays as the girls have Brownies but other than that, it should work i think.

princessmel Tue 28-Aug-07 15:04:58

Fab!! Put pictures on it aswell. So the little ones can understand it and see what comes next smile

bozza Tue 28-Aug-07 15:06:46

I think if you move dinner to 5.15 they will not be wanting a snack at 4. It seems quite close together to me. Are they usually hungry after school?

Will their bedtimes allow for reasonable waking up times? grin

nutcracker Tue 28-Aug-07 15:09:14

They are always starving when they come out of school. By snack though I only mean a piece of fruit or a biscuit/cake/slice of bread or something.

I think the bedtimes will be fine, they are pretty good at getting up. Dd2 is the only one who sometimes struggles, and if she does I'll cut her reading in bed time in half.

bozza Tue 28-Aug-07 15:40:02

Actually nuty - I meant the getting up both ways. Not just that you wouldn't have to drag them out of bed, but also that they wouldn't be up at the crack of dawn. grin But as you say you can make adjustments to that as necessary.

Lazycow Tue 28-Aug-07 15:47:19

Forgive me for commenting as I don't have a school age child yet but I'd probably try and get the homework done first and then let them watch TV after.

Also you may be doing this anyway but I would definitely be getting the 9 and 7 year old to help with the clearing up/washing up after dinner though I appreciate that may take more time than it saves in the short term grin.

Other than I think it sounds great - very organised.

NannyL Tue 28-Aug-07 16:02:37

sounds great

personally i think a bit of chill out time before homework is beneficial for children who have been working all day... i think they need a bit of chill out time before having to do more work as soon as they walk through the door.

I think you need to be strict about turning telly OFF as soon as the program finishing at 5 o clock finishes.

So long as they are happy switching the telly off without moaning and groaning and having a fuss aboout it it should all work out ok i reckon!

Personally i wouldnt give them a snack so close to tea time, but have a piece of fruit or something for as soon as they come out of school to eat on the way home either walking or in the car!

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