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Found a great way of getting the kids to read!

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auntysocial Sun 26-Aug-07 19:28:18

I posted a while back asking for ideas on how to encourage my 8 year old DS to read for pleasure...anyway I bought him books I thought he might like but to no avail, he wasn't interested.

I recently started reading the harry potter series, I decided I would read each book and then immediately watch the movie afterwards before moving onto the next book.

So I borrowed the Philosophers stone off a friend, read it, asked DS to read it and he just gave me a "Look" and said it was crap. so after reading that I bought the film and we all sat down to watch it together, DS1 insisting that he shouldn't be made to watch it as it was crap...anyway he LOVED it, went on and on about hogwarts for days afterwards and when I bought Chamber of secrets book he kept asking me what was happening...I told him he'd have to wait until I bought the dvd...anyway...guess who now has his head stuck in the Chamber of Secrets book...? grin

dogbert Sun 26-Aug-07 21:28:03

Hurrah! Have they filmed Philip Pullman's books yet? wink Though I fear Lord Of The Rings might be pushing your luck!

Wish I could pull a similar stunt with my 5yo.

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